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    22 Genius Tips Every Picky Eater Should Try

    Start small, try the highest quality versions of foods, and watch more .

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community for their best tips for learning to like new foods.

    Here's their advice:

    1. Go for the good stuff.

    2. Start small.

    3. Cook/prepare the item in a different way.

    4. And consider preparing it yourself.

    5. Or try ordering the food at a restaurant.

    6. If you're at a restaurant, trust the chef.

    7. Try new foods as part of a full meal.

    8. Tune in to Andrew Zimmern.

    9. Figure out what exactly you don't like about certain foods.

    10. Combine the food with things you do like.

    11. Try cutting sugar from your diet.

    12. HOT SAUCE.

    13. If you don't like the texture, change it!

    14. Adjust your expectations.

    15. Give everything a second chance.

    16. Let an adventurous friend be your guide.

    17. Try to associate the food with a happy memory.

    18. Try new foods when you're traveling.

    19. Add some delicious toppings.

    20. Revisit foods you don't like every once in a while.

    21. Make liking new foods a yearlong challenge.

    22. Try this genius "rule of three."

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