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    This Sock-Folding Technique Is Basically Life-Changing

    Laundry day just got a tiny bit better.

    There's nothing fun about doing laundry, folding it, or putting it away.

    Which is why your laundry situation is so often shameful, even when your clothes are actually clean.

    But this technique demonstrated by YouTuber dm lilian changes everything... at least with regard to your sock drawer.

    Step 1: Lay one sock on top of the other with the heels facing up and the toes facing your body.

    Step 2: Place four fingers on the heel of the top sock and fold the top ends of the socks just over your fingers.

    Step 3: Fold the toe ends of the socks up to meet the top ends and then tuck the toes into the leg holes.

    Step 4: Marvel at the perfection of this perfectly-tidy pair of socks.


    Here's the video in its entirety:

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