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This Instagram Account Literally Can't Even And It's Amazing

User omgliterallydead will give you life.

An expert in the fine art of being basic, Skellie is a girl about town who means it when she says she's "literally dead."

And her Instagram account, omgliterallydead, will give you life.

And she just joined Tinder.


Skellie's photographer and Starbucks supplier is a woman named Dana Herlihey.

"I basically stumbled upon the creation of omgliterallydead," the 30-year-old social media manager told BuzzFeed Life. "In early October, a pose-able, plastic skeleton arrived at our office. My coworkers took to it; someone taped a Starbucks cup to the skeleton's hand and I took a photo for my personal Instagram. (This was at the height of the Pumpkin Spice Latte craze.)"

"I continued taking photos of the skeleton and then, on a whim, thought it would be funny for the office skeleton to have its own account," Herlihey said. "Eventually I realized there was some interesting potential for contemporary satire, so I ran with it, and it has kind of snowballed since."

Herlihey said she gets inspiration for the photos from her friends and colleagues, along with whatever is happening in pop culture. She also takes Skellie along on many of her daily activities.

"Some people love it, laugh, ask to take a photo, or make a witty pun as they pass by," she said. "Others will pretend there is no skeleton sitting beside me or give me frequent disapproving side glances."

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