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This City Hall Wedding Instagram Is Basically Perfect

Get ready to spend a few hours swooning over Married in New York.

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Jahangir told BuzzFeed Life she got the idea for Married in New York from a former professor who was married at City Hall.

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"Last summer he had to go back to get a copy of his marriage certificate," she said. "He called me right after saying he wanted to discuss an idea with me. He and his wife told me about the time they got married and how it was great going back there and being a part of this incredible energy. That's when Married in New York was born."


Jahangir said she loves asking the couples — many of whom are not from the New York area — how they met and hearing their stories.


It took this Texas couple 16 years to get together.

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The bride on the left shared this with Jahangir: "Honestly? Well, we met in prison… about 15-16 years ago. I just got out a couple of months ago and we reconnected. I’ve been in love with her since the first day.”

Jahangir was the witness for this couple's ceremony.

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"It was December 30th, freezing cold ... they saw me standing outside and asked if I'd help out," she said. "They told me their whole story of how they went through cancer treatment together. They even took me out to lunch [and] told me how long it took them to finally be able to be themselves after years of trying to blend in. Incredible women."

These lovebirds met through a friend and then discovered they both attended the same school for the blind.

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(Watch the video to hear audio from their interview.)


"It's always wonderful to see couples overcoming all sorts of obstacles to be together, be it immigration issues, homophobia, financial difficulties physical disabilities, history..." Jahangir said.