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    This City Hall Wedding Instagram Is Basically Perfect

    Get ready to spend a few hours swooning over Married in New York.

    If you're a sucker for a good courthouse wedding, you'll love Married in New York.

    Run by photographer Natasha Jahangir, the Instagram (and Tumblr) show joyful newlyweds at New York City Hall.

    Jahangir told BuzzFeed Life she got the idea for Married in New York from a former professor who was married at City Hall.

    "I didn't want it to just be about couples who are in love, but about the changing nature of marriage in the 21st century," Jahangir said.

    "It's bigger than tradition or religion or dogma — it's about two people connecting without all the frills."

    Jahangir said she loves asking the couples — many of whom are not from the New York area — how they met and hearing their stories.

    These parents-to-be started talking while the bride — an opera singer — was performing overseas.

    These two met at an AIDS fundraiser in Detroit 20 years ago and tied the knot with their children at their side.

    It took this Texas couple 16 years to get together.

    Jahangir was the witness for this couple's ceremony.

    These lovebirds met through a friend and then discovered they both attended the same school for the blind.

    "It's always wonderful to see couples overcoming all sorts of obstacles to be together, be it immigration issues, homophobia, financial difficulties physical disabilities, history..." Jahangir said.

    "Love is love, and New York is the most accepting place for people."

    "When I go to City Hall..."

    "And see all these people experiencing pure joy..."

    "It really feels like a wonder of the city."

    See more sweet photos of newlyweds on the Married in New York Instagram and Tumblr!