This Groom And His Best Man Celebrated Their Bromance With A Photo Shoot

    "I think my wife knows that he comes as part of the package."

    John Taylor and Andy Pemberton have been best friends for more than a decade.

    After first meeting in "2003ish," according to Taylor, the Englishmen became close friends when they both began living in the country's northeast about five years ago.

    "We instantly took up from where we left off, grafted back together with our mutual idiocy," Taylor told BuzzFeed Life via email. Not long after they reunited, both men met the women who would later become their wives.

    When Taylor began planning his September wedding to his bride, Lisa, the two men decided to have a little fun with the traditional getting-ready photos of the groom and groomsmen.

    "[Our photographer] said she would be coming by to take a few photos, [and] I told her that we may want to take a couple of 'funny' shots. I don't think she realized that she would be photographing two naked blokes in twin bathtubs," Taylor said.

    "I don't think we did either, really."

    Photographer Katie Byram said she wasn't sure what to expect, but when she got to groom's hotel room, "John opened the door in a bathrobe and said with a cheeky smile, 'Hello, Katie, we've been expecting you.'"

    The 20-minute photo shoot, which Byram said was entirely directed by the two men, started with them spooning in bed.

    "I normally take photographs of guys putting on their ties and button holes but they wanted something a lot less traditional and a lot more fun," she said. "We were roaring with laughter through much of it."

    "I love the shots of us watching morning telly in the bath and also where he has thrown the flannel at my face," Taylor said.

    "Not so keen on the fact [Pemberton] was using that tiny flannel to cover his modesty a few minutes before," he said.

    "I didn't want typical groom prep photos and I certainly didn't get them," Taylor said. "[I] couldn't be happier."

    Their bromance continued during the ceremony and reception.

    As for the bride, she loved the photos.

    "She totally gets the bromance and loved the photos when she saw them," Taylor said.

    "A few of the photos have made the wedding album, including a bed one and one of us in the baths."

    "I think Lisa knows that Andy comes as part of the package," Byram said.

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