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    This Grocery Store Cake Hack Is Borderline Genius

    Make your party a little prettier — without spending all your money.

    Grocery store cakes are typically inexpensive and pretty delicious, but their designs can be a little dubious.

    But this tutorial from A Practical Wedding shows how to make a store-bought sheet cake more Pinterest-worthy.

    1. Scrape off any 3D frosting items (like balloons or flowers).

    Allison Andres / Via

    You can leave the sprinkles and decorative squiggles.

    2. Cover the spot where the 3D decorations were with one to two large real flowers (preferably organic/pesticide-free and most definitely not poisonous).

    Allison Andres / Via

    Peonies and roses are two beautiful options. You could also splurge a little and buy realistic-looking sugar flowers from a baker or baking supply store.

    3. Wrap the perimeter of the cake with a wide decorative ribbon.

    4. Behold your extreme cakeover.

    The original tutorial suggests making this for a budget wedding, but it would really work for everything from a bridal shower to a birthday gathering to an office party.

    Allison Andres / Via

    If the bright colors aren't your thing, you could just order a plain white sheet cake from the grocery store bakery. Then dust it with edible silver and gold glitter before adding pastel flowers and a metallic ribbon.

    If you want to create a more elegant look, go with round grocery store cakes and put them on pretty cake stands.

    Allison Andres / Via

    Get more details here.

    The upgraded cake looks so celebratory and fun.

    Allison Andres / Via

    And at about $40 for the cake and supplies, it won't break your party budget.

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