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    This Ring Bearer Stole The Show At Her Mom's Wedding

    Warning: This post will give you ALL the feels.

    When Oklahoma couple Bobby Villegas and Kait Villegas-Payne planned their Seattle elopement, they included Villegas-Payne's daughter, Scarlet, in the best way: as ring bearer.

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    While ring bearers are typically boys — and little girls are often made flower girls by default — the couple gave Scarlet the honor anyway.

    "She was the ring bearer because that’s what I had a literal need for," Villegas-Payne told A Practical Wedding. "We didn’t even have a real aisle for anybody to throw petals down on. We did need somebody to hold our rings."

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    "Why is it more socially acceptable for a dog to be a ring bearer than a human girl? That I don't know," Villegas-Payne said.

    Villegas-Payne said it was important to her and her husband to include Scarlet in their ceremony.

    "I gave her a gold pin with the word 'constant' and talked to her a little about how much her presence means to me."

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    "I love the show Lost, I love the idea of 'constants,' and I mostly love that Scarlet has always been mine," she said.

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    "I have had a unique opportunity to be able to grow up along with her because I had her at a young age."

    "Bobby gave her a ring and a promise to always be there if she ever needs him for anything."

    Seven-year-old Scarlet looked very fancy on the big day.

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    Villegas-Payne told BuzzFeed Life how they put together her outfit. "Both blazers she wore (the one for the wedding and the one on the ferry) were H&M, her undershirt was J.Crew, pants we just got at Target, bow tie was from Beautiful Idiot Clothing, shoes were Dotty Shoes," she said. The hairpiece was made by Butter and Bloom and Off White Makeup & Hair did her updo.

    "The question isn't really why did she wear a suit, it's when was the last time you saw a ring bearer in a dress?" Villegas-Payne said.

    "She also walked me down the aisle — or sidewalk? She walked me to the ceremony. I won't say she 'gave me away,' because I'll always be hers."

    "We've been through a lot together. She's my ride or die."

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    You can see more of the wedding and read the ceremony — which included quotes from both Harry Potter and bell hooks! — on A Practical Wedding, and keep up with Villegas-Payne and company on Tumblr.