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    This Dad Is Photographing His Daughter Dressed As Inspiring Black Women

    And it is the CUTEST.

    This is 5-year-old Lily Bushelle and her parents. Lily's father, Marc Bushelle, is a Brooklyn-based photographer.

    Courtesy of Marc Bushelle

    Recently he and his wife, Janine Harper, were inspired by a photo series of a little girl dressed up as famous women.

    "My wife and I really wanted to make sure that our daughter felt fearless," Bushelle told BuzzFeed Life. So Bushelle and Harper decided to create their own photo series with their daughter dressed as inspiring black women.

    Facebook: marc.bushelle

    "We made a special effort to find women who had broken down barriers, who had been a 'first' something," he said. "We are hoping that she will be able to benefit from being associated with some of these powerful women."

    Women like African-American aviator Bessie Coleman...

    National Air and Space Museum / Public Domain; Marc Bushelle

    "Her class is named after Coleman so she already knew her story very well," Bushelle said. "She learned that Coleman did tricks like loop-de-loops and that seems to have really sparked her imagination."

    There was also Admiral Michelle Howard, the Navy's first female four-star admiral...

    US Navy / Public Domain; Marc Bushelle

    The French singer, dancer, and actress Josephine Baker...

    Popperfoto / Getty Images; Marc Bushelle

    And African-American novelist Toni Morrison...

    Timothy Greenfield-Sanders via; Marc Bushelle

    The couple found many of the props and costumes on sale after Halloween, and Harper scours thrift stores to re-create the looks.

    Gavin Bond; Marc Bushelle

    Bushelle said the response to the photo series has been overwhelming. "We had no idea that this would take off like it did," he said. "We have been really moved by the encouragement that we have received from our friends, families, and complete strangers."

    "As a photographer, I know how important images are," Bushelle said. "The portrayal of black women is not always positive so I wanted to do something to combat that."

    NASA / Public Domain; Marc Bushelle

    Bushelle says more photos are definitely planned. "We wanted to make sure that we represent all realms," he said. "I don't want to give it away but politics might be next."