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This Couple's "Drunk History" Version Of How They Met Is Pure Gold

They got wasted and (with the help of their talented friends) created a hilarious video for their wedding guests.

Instead of telling their "how we met story" over and over again during their wedding weekend, Los Angeles couple Justin Willman and Jillian Sipkins put together a hilarious alternative: their very own version of Drunk History.

Jonathan Bayme

In each episode of Comedy Central's Drunk History, a comedian gets wasted and attempts to narrate an event in American history. Actors act out everything that the comedian is describing and lip sync along with the comedian's words.

"Drunk History is one of our favorite shows on TV and we figured it’d be a fitting format," Willman told BuzzFeed Life.

"We polished off a bottle of Jameson together…I probably handled 70% of it," he said. "Then an unknown quantity of wine and vodka sodas as the evening progressed."

The video starts from the very beginning: the couple's first encounter at Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity event, where Willman, a comedian and magician, was performing.

"Are you SURE the bow tie's a good idea?" Willman asks a friend.

"I'm like... what the fuck is a magician doing at this show?" Sipkins, a photographer who was covering the event, says. "Right? Like, this is supposed to be HILARIOUS. And he's wearing a bow tie and I'm like, He's wearing a bow tie?"

Then they explained how they ran into each other at an event six months later... but things still didn't go anywhere.

"And I know what you're thinking," Willman says in the video. "Wow... right after that moment, they fell madly in love, went home that night, made out, and had some... some safe sex. But nope, we didn't. We didn't actually at all. We didn't talk to each other for another year?"

"Another year went by," she adds.

"I mean you probably had some safe sex, with the DJ, I think you said," he replies.

Then they showed how they reunited right after Coachella...

When an epic (!) comment Willman left on Sipkins' Instagram photo finally brought them together.

The couple, who was married on September 6, 2015, showed the video at their rehearsal dinner.

Willman said their guests loved it.

Jonathan Bayme

"It went over better than we ever expected," he said. "Even grandma, who we were worried wouldn’t get it, was raving."

Watch the full video here:

View this video on YouTube

And you can see more of the couple on their Instagram accounts here and here.