These Graphic Photos Show How Dangerous Wedding Sparklers Can Be

    Third-degree burns aren't exactly Pinterest-worthy.

    In recent years, "sparkler send-offs" have become a popular alternative to showering couples with rice or birdseed.

    But Raleigh wedding photographer Brian Mullins recently suffered second- and third-degree burns during one couple's grand exit.

    "I had a handful of sparklers when the bride and groom appeared in the doorway," Mullins told BuzzFeed Life.

    "The only things I remember about it was a very hot and bright flash close to my face and a searing pain in my hand," he said.

    Once the couple had made their exit, Mullins ran to the bathroom to put cold water on his hand...and realized that his fingers were charred.

    Doctors treated Mullins' second- and third-degree burns and tendon damage by healing and then "debriding" the wounds.

    After six weeks of recovery, Mullins was able to start working again. At that point, he could only hold the camera for about two hours at a time.

    "It was a pretty good mix of factors that combined for a bad result," he told BuzzFeed Life.

    But Mullins does have some advice for couples thinking of doing a sparkler send-off: Get the right sparklers.