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31 Subscription Gifts They'll Love All Year

Give the gift of a good mail day.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Bourbon Every Month

Ideal for your brother, who is always mansplaining your beer to you. $222 for a 3-month subscription, Mouth.

2. A Year of Amazon Prime

Free two-day shipping on pretty much everything — perfect for your parents who just discovered the joy of shopping online. $99 for one year, Amazon.

3. A Yoga Podcast and Video Subscription

For the friend who travels for work constantly. $90 for a full year of unlimited streaming and downloadable videos and podcasts, YogaDownload.

4. A Coffee Subscription

For sleep-deprived new parents. Get 12 oz of beans (a two week supply) for $14 per box, Blue Bottle Coffee.

5. Kindle Unlimited

Get unlimited books and audiobooks for $9.99 per month, Amazon.

6. A Monthly Box Filled with Health Snacks

For your spouse, because their hanger is real, and it's a real threat to your relationship. $11.99 per box, Graze.

7. A Bow of the Month Subscription

For any little girl whose Insta is already more fashionable than yours. $42 for six months, The Luxury Girl on Etsy.

8. A Nail Polish of the Month Club

For your teenage sister, who’s trying to get her YouTube beauty channel off the ground. $119.94 for six months, Julep.

9. Beautiful Stationery On The Regular

For your roommate, who still loves snail mail. $120 for a year, Ginger P Designs.

10. A Monthly Delivery of Men's Grooming Products

11. A Monthly Delivery of Pads and Tampons (and Chocolates and Cosmetics)

For any gal in your life who would appreciate one less thing to worry about picking up at the store. $25 per customizable box, Le Parcel.

12. A Scrapbook Supply Subscription

13. A Kid-Friendly Craft Box

14. Special Access to Great Fashion

15. Monthly Fragrance Samples

For the friend who loves to search for her "signature scent." Each 30-day supply costs $14.95, Scentbird.

16. A Dog Toy and Treat Subscription

For your best friend, who is also your dog. Starting at $20 per month, Pooch Perks.

17. Monthly STEM Projects for Kids

For your niece and nephew, who are obsessed with science. $60 for three months, Tinker.

18. A Netflix Subscription

For basically anyone (except the person who keeps reminding you they don't even own a TV). Gift cards available in different amounts on Amazon.

19. A Monthly Care Package

For your oldest child, who just went off to college and you kinda can't believe it. $34.99 per month, SoulFeed.

20. Monthly Spice Blends

For the coworker who needs to spice up their life. $6 per box, Raw Spice Bar.

21. Regular Products for Endurance Athletes

22. A Local Museum Membership

csaba fikker / Via

For anyone who feels the need to remind you regularly that they don't even own a TV. Price varies by museum/city.

23. An Audible Subscription

24. A Monthly Delivery of Southern Goods

For anyone who refers to you as a "Yankee." Boxes start at $49, Batch.

25. Unlimited Movies in Theaters

Raymond Shobe / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: bossco

For your grandparents, who still go to the movies for their weekly date night (and complain about the price every time). $30/month, Moviepass.

26. Unlimited Workout Classes

Getty Images/iStockphoto AndreyPopov

For your friend who can actually justify wearing yoga pants every day. They'll get access to unlimited classes at a number of great studios and gyms throughout one of 11 major U.S. cities. $99/month, ClassPass.

27. A State Park Membership

Wendy / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: wenzday01

For the family who is so much more outdoorsy than yours. Price varies by state.

28. A Costco Membership

For your brother and his partner, who just moved to the ‘burbs and now have the room for 36 rolls of paper towels and giant jars of Nutella. $55/year, Costco.

29. Monthly Products for the Discerning Pothead

For... the discerning pothead. $80.79 for a three-month subscription, 420 Goody Box.

30. An Art Supply Subscription

31. A Web-Hosting Subscription / Via

For your dad, whose blog makes your eyes bleed every time you look at it. $96 for one year of hosting, Squarespace.

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