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15 Products That'll Make You Actually Look Forward To Second Semester

Step up your Studyblr game!

1. Kokuyo Campus Notebooks, which have super-smooth paper that has dots and lines.

2. These gorgeous notebooks, which will make you look learned AF.

3. These beautiful duel-tip pastel highlighters.

4. Or the iconic Zebra mildliners.

5. These slim accordion folders, so you can keep everything in one place.

6. These folders, which I'm legitimately angry I didn't have access to in college because they are so freaking pretty.

7. These beautiful translucent sticky notes.

8. Simple dot stickers, for designating anything and everything.

9. This set of 30 pens.

10. A pen pouch that you can throw in your bag, and that stands up on your desk.

11. A set of sticky notes that make organization even easier.

12. This notebook, which is perfect if you like the look of a grid-like layout but don't have the patience to draw it yourself.

13. This zipper pouch, which keeps all of your crap nicely organized.

14. These inspirational pencils, which are you on the first day of class...

15. And these, which are you on the last day of class.


The markers referred to in #4 are Zebra Mildliners. An early version of this post referred to them as Zebra Midliners. Thanks to commenter Emily for pointing this out!