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    15 People Who Just Need To Get Over Losing Already

    Guys, it's time to grow up and move on.

    This week, you might have seen a LOT of Hillary Clinton supporters who were devastated about her losing the presidential election.

    And sure, I may have felt terrified for the future and completely wrecked by the news at first, but after reading so many thoughtful, compassionate internet comments, I realized: Enough is enough!!!

    Just look at all these whiny babies who can't handle defeat!!!!

    1. "You lost, GET OVER IT."

    2. "Stop acting like a bunch of CRY BABIES."

    3. "Seriously? What the fuck is WRONG with you??? SMH."

    4. "Wow, get a fucking life."

    5. "If you're old enough to vote, you're old enough to manage your feelings!!!"

    6. "This is what happens in a country where everyone is so easily offended!"

    7. "Holy crap, it's not the end of the world!!!"

    8. "WTF is WRONG with you? It's not that big of a deal."

    9. "Do you need a safe space?"

    10. "Good lord, are you serious?"


    12. "YOU NEED TO MOVE ON!"

    13. "This is what happens when you raise a generation where everyone gets a trophy."

    14. Listen, I know some of you thought it was OK to express real emotions after seeing a lying, sexist, racist, xenophobic man elected president, but come on — it's not like we just lost our chances at a bowl game or something!!!!