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    21 Couples Whose One-Night Stands Led To True Love

    The most romantic love stories of our time.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their tales of first-date sex and one-night stands that led to true love.

    Tee La Rosa / Via

    Here are their sordid and heartwarming tales...

    1. Submitted by Alexandria, Facebook

    Budi Nusyirwan / Via

    "I had agreed to meet up with a guy I found on at a wine bar. We were both travelbugs so we spent the next few hours waxing poetic about Italy, Germany, and Austria. We went back to his house, just around the corner, and, well, you know. By the time I left in the morning it was all 'I love yous' and 'I think we should move in together' and 'When you know, you know, and I know.' I moved in a week later, and we're celebrating four years this month."

    2. Submitted by Abby, Facebook

    Spencer Wright / Via

    "My one-night stand led to a seven-year relationship and now we are married. He still has the note I left for him the next morning that says 'Facebook me.'"

    3. Submitted by Tami, Facebook

    Tambako The Jaguar / Via

    "Since I'll never tell my kids this story, might as well tell the internet. At the beginning of my senior year in college, my roommates and I threw a party. Through a long series of secondhand invites, my now-fiancé showed up. I was first interested because he brought his own beer, like a damn gentleman. (Who does that at college parties, right?) We talked, flirted, drank, and eventually made our way to a nearby bar. Long story short, the next morning I was leaving his place texting my friend, 'Just had a one-night stand and I do not regret it.' Two-plus years later, he proposed to me in front of that same bar, and we're getting married next year. Neither of us were necessarily looking for love or a relationship or whatever, but when you know, you know, you know?"

    4. Submitted by kcb

    Geoff Stearns / Via

    "My boyfriend of two years and I were set up by our friends. We met at a wedding. We started talking and hit it off. He bought me a drink at 10 p.m. and I was in his hotel room by 2 a.m. I actually snuck out the following morning before he got up. I left my number for him on Facebook so I didn't feel completely 'un-ladylike.' We went on a date four days later. We've been together ever since."

    5. Submitted by karenj40e27ac0b

    Ton Rulkens / Via

    "Met at a club and had sex that same night. Today we are happily married. There is no rule on how to meet someone. If there were, then somebody could get really rich selling that formula. It's just chance and timing."

    6. Submitted by samik4b97072fa

    John / Via

    "My fiancé and I met as co-workers on my first day at my new job. He was my trainer for the job, which was my first one out of college. We became friends very fast, since we were the only twentysomethings in the office. We ended up having sex the first or second time we hung out outside of work. We didn't even start dating for another two months or so — definitely a friends-with-benefits situation as I got over a really dramatic breakup and he went through his sister's cancer diagnosis and battle. We just moved into our first house last summer, purchased a business together, and are getting married in June on our farm. So, not only is it silly to think you can't have a future with a one-night stand, but friends with benefits can actually work out really well in the end!"

    7. Submitted by mandymay86

    John Flannery / Via

    "I was planning a trip to visit my family in New Zealand — I'm from New York. I started to talk to my cousin's roommate (who I would have been staying with) for a solid eight months before I was actually set to visit them. So after a sexual tension-filled eight months and an 18-hour plane ride, I finally got to see him. We did it my first day there — after I slept off the jet lag, of course. By the time my month-long vacation was up we were inseparable and in love; I ended up selling my ticket back home and staying there. That was three years ago. We're now married and expecting our first baby this summer."

    8. Submitted by pinkdeedle

    Bill Abbott / Via

    "No, but I did give him a blow job. We are happily together with kids now so obviously we have moved up from blow jobs."

    9. Submitted by hannahm466c37885

    Eric Kilby / Via Flickr: ekilby

    "First date was dinner and a movie at his place. We didn’t make it through the movie. Dinner was never even made. I think our ‘date’ eventually ended four days later. Anyway, we’ve now been married for a couple years and we have a beautiful 12-month-old baby girl."

    10. Submitted by ashleyc4819a37ae

    Chobist / Via

    "My husband of six years and I met at MEPS (Military Entrance and Processing Station) in July, married that November. I ended up staying out of the military, but he went to boot camp… I was the ONLY one who wrote him, who got calls from him, and I was even the ONLY person to make the flight to his graduation. The rest is history. I am glad I didn't listen to my recruiter when he told me, 'Do not have sex while you're here!' It's been six years and a few months… we're happier than ever and we welcomed our daughter into the world in October. Best advice I DIDN'T listen to!"

    11. Submitted by Amy, Facebook

    David Stanley / Via

    "I met my now-fiancé in a bar during college not long after getting out of a serious relationship. I had just spent the past six months or so having frivolous relationships, trying to shake the feeling that I would never love again. My first encounter with my fiancé had all of the makings to be another one-night stand, but somehow it turned into a marriage. It sounds cliche, but I think love is often found after you have given up on it."

    12. Submitted by veronicac4a2d4b2c8

    André P. Meyer-Vitali / Via

    "James and I starting talking between Tumblr and Instagram on a Monday. We met that Friday, had sex (a few times), and I went home. Fast-forward to today and we are engaged and going to welcome our (planned) baby girl in June! We couldn't be happier!"

    13. Submitted by sivriem

    Micolo J / Via Flickr: robin1966

    "My husband of a decade went downtown on our first date; we had sex on the second. He was supposed to be a work fling. Ooops."

    14. Submitted by lizzyhammons

    Ryan Hodnett / Via

    "We didn't even have a date. We hooked up in the bathroom at a party. He stopped halfway through though. I freaked out because I thought something was wrong, but he stopped because he wanted to talk and get to know me. We talked all night and we've been together eight years now with two kids. Best one-night stand ever!"

    15. Submitted by hellanpce

    Dana / Via

    "I met my girlfriend through work… we had barely ever spoke before but started through some circumstance. The first night we met outside of work, we were both drunk. We ended up banging on the grass behind a school across the street from my home. We're both girls. It's been over a year and we're still together."

    16. Submitted by jenniferelainek

    Charles Barilleaux / Via Flickr: bontempscharly

    "We met at a bar while I was on vacation in Boston visiting a friend. Talked all night and fooled around until dawn. A few days later met up again and had a vacation fling/one-night stand. After returning home to California, we kept in touch. Over a year later we saw each other again when I came back to town, and six months later I moved 3,000 miles to be with him, and nine years later we are married with two beautiful girls. So the most important rule is there are no rules. I met my hubby on vacation, hooked up with him really early, dated long-distance, and we still ended up together. Never would have guessed right?"

    17. Submitted by eryannet

    Eric Kilby / Via

    "I met my now-boyfriend three days before I left the country for a semester-long study abroad trip. I had no intention of getting involved with anyone prior to my trip as I wasn't too keen on long-distance, so I thought what we had was strictly a one-time thing. But we had an insane connection and I knew he was worth it. We talked every day for the four months I was gone. I even bought him a plane ticket to come see me in Italy. Two years later, were still together and hoping to get married soon!"

    18. Submitted by princessbecca333

    frank wouters / Via

    "I met my boyfriend in a bar in Savannah. We were super drunk, and I left with him on the party bus he arrived in. We went back to his house, and we banged it out that night. He asked me on a date two nights later, then I left to go home to Michigan. We dated long-distance for six months, and then I moved to Georgia. We've lived together for over a year now, and couldn't be happier. Best one-night stand ever!"

    19. Submitted by thisisbright

    MIKI Yoshihito / Via

    "Sorta, kinda! My wife and I met online and had been chatting for almost five months before she came all the way from Croatia to visit me in the U.S. I'm bisexual and it was sort of my first time with another woman, so our first night together was relatively tame… but the next morning was a different story. Two years later, we applied for a fiancée visa, which was thankfully granted, and we got married last May."

    20. Submitted by BMOSB3K

    Clemens v. Vogelsang / Via

    "Yes we did, though it wasn't an official date. The sex was phenomenal; he stayed over for five days. We were married a month later. I'd never had sex with someone I had first met; I made an exception, took a chance, and it was totally worth it."

    21. Submitted by scottb46

    ryan harvey / Via

    "Oh BuzzFeed. I work at BuzzFeed in the U.K. and I had a one-night stand on my third day at work during Friday drinks. I've now been with him for 15 months and couldn't be happier."

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