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    21 Stunning Nontraditional Wedding Bouquets

    From faux flowers to vegetable bouquets.

    1. Make a rustic bouquet out of silk flowers.

    2. Or carry a sparkly brooch bouquet.

    3. Geek out with a posy made from comic book pages.

    4. Or pages from your favorite love story.

    5. Turn coffee filters into hanging decor.

    6. Use realistic-looking faux flowers to create an arrangement that will last forever.

    7. Add a whimsical vibe to your day with oversize paper roses.

    8. Get your rustic fix with burlap flowers.

    9. Or try a mix of different textures.

    10. Carry a bouquet made of vegetables instead of traditional flowers.

    11. Or a bundle of fragrant herbs.

    12. Create a festive vibe with paper pinwheels.

    13. Turn pinecones and wintry greens into a beautiful arrangement.

    14. Ribbon roses make for pretty centerpieces.

    15. As do fabulous feathers.

    16. String super-soft wooden flowers into a beautiful garland.

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    17. Mix in cotton and burlap for extra texture.

    18. You can also try colorful wooden flowers.

    19. Or sheet music.

    20. Have bridesmaids carry paper fans instead of bouquets.

    21. And dress them up with a few flowers to get the best of both worlds.