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    21 Stunning Nontraditional Wedding Bouquets

    From faux flowers to vegetable bouquets.

    1. Make a rustic bouquet out of silk flowers.

    Jamiee Morse / Via

    If you've been on Pinterest in the past couple years, you've probably seen this bouquet. Get the tutorial here.

    2. Or carry a sparkly brooch bouquet.

    Megan Christine Photography / Via

    3. Geek out with a posy made from comic book pages.

    Vibe Photography / Via

    Shop for a comic bouquet of your own here.

    4. Or pages from your favorite love story.

    Our Labor of Love / Via

    (You can photocopy the pages to save your books!) See how to make this one here.

    5. Turn coffee filters into hanging decor.

    Carrie Butler Photography / Via

    See different ways to make them here.

    6. Use realistic-looking faux flowers to create an arrangement that will last forever.

    Brooke Allison Photography / Via

    The secret to this pretty bouquet is flowers from — they have some of the best fake flowers around. See how to make it here.

    7. Add a whimsical vibe to your day with oversize paper roses.

    Rico Castillero

    We made our own here.

    8. Get your rustic fix with burlap flowers.

    silverboutiquecrafts / Via

    Buy this one here.

    9. Or try a mix of different textures.

    Accents and Petals / Via

    10. Carry a bouquet made of vegetables instead of traditional flowers.

    Francis Joseph Photography / Via

    11. Or a bundle of fragrant herbs.


    12. Create a festive vibe with paper pinwheels.

    Michelle Zahn Photography / Via

    13. Turn pinecones and wintry greens into a beautiful arrangement.

    Brent Deitrich, Live View Studios

    14. Ribbon roses make for pretty centerpieces.

    Carrie Butler Photography / Via

    15. As do fabulous feathers.

    Nakai Photography

    16. String super-soft wooden flowers into a beautiful garland.

    Save On Crafts

    Buy them here.

    17. Mix in cotton and burlap for extra texture.

    18. You can also try colorful wooden flowers.

    Accents and Petals / Via Flickr: raniyanni

    See similar bouquets here.

    19. Or sheet music.

    Accents and Petals / Via Flickr: raniyanni

    Shop for similar bouquets here.

    20. Have bridesmaids carry paper fans instead of bouquets.

    L. Hewitt Photography / Via

    21. And dress them up with a few flowers to get the best of both worlds.

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