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    21 Times Being A Bridesmaid Damn Near Killed You

    "Peen straws are a bachelorette party tradition! Don't be such a hater!"

    1. "I'm going to need you to travel here for bridesmaid dress shopping, the shower, the bachelorette, and to go with me when I go dress shopping."

    2. "Can you just talk to Katie about this? She's organizing the bachelorette and she's really the one who decided on Vegas."

    3. "Ah, don't get pregnant now! Then you'll be pregnant at my wedding!"

    4. "I don't have time to do all these DIY projects myself so I'm going to need you to help me!"


    5. "You should get a breast reduction before my wedding...JK JK!"

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    (Probably not actually JK though.)

    6. "Can you all just work together to figure out what dresses to wear? I don't have time to deal with it."


    7. "So with alterations, the dresses will be $250."

    8. "I definitely think you can wear it again!"

    9. "These generic gold shoes I chose for you are going to be another $80."


    10. "Hair and makeup will be another $120."

    11. "Here are the updos I've chosen for everyone!"

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    12. "So you better not cut your hair lol!"


    13. "You can just take your glasses off for the wedding, right?"

    14. "Penis straws are a bachelorette party tradition! Don't be such a hater!"

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    15. "So, the matching T-shirts for the bachelorette party are going to be $25 per person!"

    16. "The hotel will be $180 per person for the two nights."

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    17. "And don't forget to bring cash for buying drinks!"


    18. "BTW, you all are going to be sitting at the head table instead of with your dates at the reception."


    19. "Sorry, but we aren't giving +1s to ANYONE who isn't in a ~serious~ relationship. So that includes you guys."

    20. "PS I don't want any of you getting too drunk at the reception lol!"

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    21. "Ugh, sometimes I feel like you don't even really want to BE in my wedding."