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25 Completely Magical "Harry Potter" Wedding Ideas

Romance managed.

1. Set the tone with a Marauder's Map invitation.

2. And have ceremony programs inspired by The Burrow.

3. Or Howler-themed programs.

4. Rep your house colors with your accessories.

5. Exchange vows over a Goblet of Fire.

6. Photocopy your favorite Harry Potter passages and turn them into paper flowers.

7. Direct guests to their tables with a Sorting Hat.

8. And name the tables after Harry Potter locations.

9. Choose the perfect potion as your signature cocktail.

10. And do a champagne toast with Felix Felicis.

11. Stock your photo booth with Hogwarts-inspired props.

12. Have people sign your guest book with quills.

13. Walk down the aisle in these amazing shoes.

14. Then dance the night away in flats that honor The Boy Who Lived.

15. Or these customized TOMS.

16. Have your bridesmaids pose with their favorite Harry Potter books.

17. And fance up any outfit with a Hogwarts bow tie.

18. Hang these on the back of you and your sweetheart's chairs at the head table.

19. Share slices of a golden snitch cake.

20. Or a beautiful Patronus-inspired cake.

21. And cut your cake with a themed knife and server.

22. Keep owl-shaped sugar cubes on hand for guests’ coffee.

23. Treat everyone to a Honeydukes-inspired candy bar.

24. Make a grand exit through an arc of wands.

25. And take a stand against the Dark Lord.