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25 Completely Magical "Harry Potter" Wedding Ideas

Romance managed.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Set the tone with a Marauder's Map invitation.

onelittlem / Via

2. And have ceremony programs inspired by The Burrow.

Erin Johnson Photography

3. Or Howler-themed programs.

ChameleonWeddings / Via


4. Rep your house colors with your accessories.

Mon Petit Studio / Via

5. Exchange vows over a Goblet of Fire.

Candice Benjamin Photography / Via

6. Photocopy your favorite Harry Potter passages and turn them into paper flowers.

Mon Petit Studio / Via

7. Direct guests to their tables with a Sorting Hat.

BG Productions / Via

8. And name the tables after Harry Potter locations.

BG Productions / Via

9. Choose the perfect potion as your signature cocktail.

Lauren Zaser / Justine Zwiebel / BuzzFeed Life

See how it's made here.

10. And do a champagne toast with Felix Felicis.

Lauren Zaser / Justine Zwiebel / BuzzFeed Life

Get the recipe here.

11. Stock your photo booth with Hogwarts-inspired props.

NewEnglandPaperCo / Via

12. Have people sign your guest book with quills.

Abby Grace Photography / Via

13. Walk down the aisle in these amazing shoes.

Admire Studios / Via

The shoes were created by artist Sam Artypants.

14. Then dance the night away in flats that honor The Boy Who Lived.

Mon Petit Studio / Via

15. Or these customized TOMS.

Kat Forsyth

16. Have your bridesmaids pose with their favorite Harry Potter books.

17. And fance up any outfit with a Hogwarts bow tie.

2Marys / Via

18. Hang these on the back of you and your sweetheart's chairs at the head table.

noodlehug / Via

(And then hang display in your home after the big day.)

19. Share slices of a golden snitch cake.

BG Productions / Via

20. Or a beautiful Patronus-inspired cake.

Black Cherry Cake Company / Via

21. And cut your cake with a themed knife and server.

ShaesBridal / Via

22. Keep owl-shaped sugar cubes on hand for guests’ coffee.

WishingwellArt / Via

23. Treat everyone to a Honeydukes-inspired candy bar.

Erin Johnson Photography

24. Make a grand exit through an arc of wands.

Candice Benjamin Photography / Via

25. And take a stand against the Dark Lord.