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    21 Little Ways To Make Your Home Less Of A Death Trap

    Home safety is no joke, you guys!!!!!!!!

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    When I was reading Home Comforts by Cheryl Mendelson (full review of the book here), I was sort of shocked to realize how fast and loose I β€” and most people I know β€” play with home safety.

    After reading it, I took several steps to make my place a little bit less of a death trap. Here's some of the best advice:

    1. Night lights are an incredibly cheap and easy safety upgrade.

    2. If you need to reach something above your head, don't stand on a chair β€” use a step stool or step ladder.

    3. If you spill or drip water, actually dry it.

    4. If two drinking glasses get stuck inside of each other, try this tip to avoid breaking them as you pull them apart: fill the inner glass with cold water (so it'll shrink) or submerge the outer glass in warm water (so it'll expand) and then gently pull them apart.

    5. Speaking of broken glass, if you do break something, shine a flashlight parallel to the floor. The glass bits should cast shadows, making it easier to see them all and clean them up.

    6. Wear slippers with non-skid soles.

    7. Use rug pads and/or rug tape.

    8. If you have something cooking in the oven or on the stove top, carry a wooden spoon or potholder with you as a reminder to check on it.

    9. Use potholders.

    10. If you need to hand someone a knife, the safest way to do so is to lay it down, and then let the other person pick it up.

    11. Keep a fire extinguisher in your home.

    12. Have working smoke detectors that are actually turned on.

    13. Please also use a carbon monoxide detector.

    14. Consider keeping a fire escape ladder on the second story.

    15. Don't wait for food to cool down before storing it β€” transfer it to the fridge immediately.

    16. And thaw foods in the fridge, not on the counter.

    17. Actually pay attention to your fridge's temperature.

    18. Don't store eggs or butter in the refrigerator door.

    19. Never stand on a wet floor while you blow dry your hair.

    20. Stash some flashlights throughout your home so you don't find yourself feeling around in the dark.

    21. And actually come up with an emergency plan.

    Stay safe out there, y'all!