17 Leftovers You're Probably Eating Wrong

    Fire up that waffle iron!

    We asked the BuzzFeed community for their best techniques for reheating leftovers without ruining them. Here are some of their tips:

    1. Soup

    2. Bread/Breadsticks

    3. Fries

    4. Pizza

    5. Cookies

    6. Steak

    7. Rice

    8. Waffles

    9. Pasta

    10. Spaghetti With Sauce

    11. Creamy Pastas

    12. Meat

    13. Fried Chicken

    14. Chicken Wings

    15. Breaded and Fried Foods

    16. Anything you're not putting in a toaster oven.

    17. And anything you're not putting in the waffle iron.

    Submissions have been lightly edited for length/clarity.

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