15 Temporary Tattoos Every Hopeless Romantic Will Love

    Because even sentimental types sometimes fear commitment.

    1. This infinity loop.

    2. These arrows, which feel like a modern version of the BFF necklace.

    3. This "forever & ever" tat (that won't last quite that long).

    4. This one, that pays homage to your anniversary.

    5. This dreamy vintage floral one.

    6. Or these blue flowers, which are reminiscent of wedding china.

    7. This simple reminder of your other half.

    8. This sentimental quote.

    9. This one, that lets you wear your heart on your sleeve.

    10. Or a subtle one that reminds you of how your partner makes your heart race.

    11. This perfect pairing.

    12. This Harry Potter inspired one.

    13. Or this Dr. Who set.

    14. This gold one that keeps it simple.

    15. This optimistic one.