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    4 Ways To Easily Remove Stubborn Price Stickers From Gifts

    ~Stick~ to it!

    Stubborn price stickers are the worst part of wrapping gifts.

    Universal Pictures
    Universal Pictures

    ^ How I feel when pulling off price stickers.

    Especially when stores stick them FRONT AND CENTER ON THE PRODUCT.

    Rachel W. Miller / BuzzFeed Life


    Rachel W. Miller / BuzzFeed Life


    Rachel W. Miller / BuzzFeed Life

    Stick it on the piece of cardboard on the corner!!!

    Oh my dear damn god, T.J. Maxx.

    Rachel W. Miller / BuzzFeed Life

    If you're wrestling with price tags as you wrap Christmas gifts this week, here are four methods you could try...

    1. Remove the price tag using heat from a hair dryer.

    Rachel W. Miller / Thinkstock

    Turn the hair dryer on high, blast the sticker for 30–60 seconds, and it should peel right off. Learn more here.

    2. Use a pencil eraser to remove the sticky residue.

    Rachel W. Miller / Thinkstock

    3. Use nail polish remover. /

    According to an Instructables user, nail polish remover works perfectly for removing the sticker and the sticky residue from books. Learn more here.

    4. Make your own Goo Gone with stuff you have lying around.

    You just need baking soda and vegetable oil! Get the recipe here.

    Good luck out there!

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