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    How To Make An Emergency Self-Care Kit

    When you’re having a bad moment/day/week, it will serve as a kind of “break glass in case of emergency” kit to help you feel a tiny bit better.

    If you’re looking for ways to practice self-care regularly, one little thing you can do is create an emergency self-care kit.

    Your kit can/should be super personal to you and your specific tastes, but here are some ideas to inspire you and get you started.

    (You could also make a couple — one for your home, one to keep at work, etc. — or you could make a big-batch version of these to send to all your people as a way of showing up for your friends.)


    • Your favorite tea

    • A delicious chocolate bar

    • Some yummy mints

    • That slightly-harder-to-find-in-stores candy you really love


    • A sheet mask

    • A face refresher spray

    • A pretty rock or crystal

    • A container of Pinch Me Therapy Dough ($24 for a large container on Amazon) or a container of Play-Doh

    • A fidget spinner

    • A mini bottle of lotion or body oil


    • A couple of essential oils (we like the Vitruvi ones shown above)

    • A mini candle


    • A picture of your pet

    • Photos of friends/family

    • A list of things you like about yourself or compliments you’ve received


    • A list of songs to play that will help lift your spirits (or a few different ~mood~ playlists)

    • A mantra you can repeat out loud to yourself

    What would you put in your emergency self-care kit? Let us know in the comments!