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    Here's How To Make A Comfy AF Burrito Costume This Halloween

    Bonus: pants optional!

    Forget ~sexy cop~... I'm going to show you how to make the sexiest Halloween costume for 2015: The Burrito.


    - Mattress topper or thin foam

    - Muslin or another tortilla-colored fabric

    - Heavy-duty Velcro

    - Craft foam in a variety of colors (for the fillings)

    - Stapler

    - Hot glue gun

    - Pencil/pen

    - Silver wrapping paper

    - Great Stuff Gaps & Cracks filler (available at hardware stores)

    - White acrylic paint

    - Headband


    While the costume looks like it opens from the front, like a jacket, it actually needs to open in the back if you want any hope of going to the bathroom while you wear it. Here's how to make that happen.

    7. Put the costume on, position the front flap where you want it, and mark the spot lightly with a pencil. Take the costume off and hot glue the front flap down so the burrito is now totally closed.

    8. Flip the costume over and cut a line up the entire back of the costume (including the fillings), creating a new flap. Attach heavy-duty Velcro the entire length of this new flap. (Note: if you're using stick Velcro, you'd be wise to reinforce it with hot glue.)

    9. Wrap the bottom half of the costume in silver wrapping paper and attach it with hot glue. (Make sure you don't cover the back flap with the wrapping paper or you'll end up a prisoner in your costume.)

    10. To make the sour cream head piece, I squirted dollops of Great Stuff Gaps & Cracks filler onto paper plates, let them dry, painted them white, let them dry again, and then glued them to a headband. For a far less toxic/messy option, you could make the head piece from batting using this tutorial.

    And then add the guac if you can afford it!

    Or make it like your real Friday night and get Netflix involved.