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    The Goodful Better Living Starter Pack

    Our entire mission is to give you advice and information that is practical, realistic, accessible, genuinely inspiring, and actually attainable. We believe that your time and money is valuable, and we don’t intend to waste either.

    At its core, Goodful’s mission is making the world — your world — a healthier, kinder, safer, and more beautiful place. We’re here to help you take better care of yourself, your stuff, and your people. It’s not about being perfect — just being good is good enough. (And failing — or “failing” — is OK too.) Our entire job is giving you advice and information that is practical, realistic, accessible, genuinely inspiring, and actually attainable. We believe that your time and money is valuable, and we don’t intend to waste either.

    Here are some of our favorite posts on how to live a good life:

    1. A More Or Less Definitive Guide To Showing Up For Friends

    When we talk about showing up, we’re talking about bearing witness to other people’s pain, joy, and true selves; validating their experiences; easing their load; truly seeing them; and communicating that they are not alone in this life. Showing up is at the core of creating and maintaining, strong meaningful bonds with friends, family, coworkers, and Internet pals. It’s what turns the people you know into your people.

    2. Being Organized Is A Gift I Give Myself And Other People

    I'm not "naturally" organized, but I try my best to be the shit-together person I wish to see in the world — both for the people I love, and as an act of self-care.

    3. Giving Myself A Dress Code Changed My Dang Life

    Here’s the thing: arbitrary fashion rules can be oppressive and terrible...unless you’re the one setting them. In that case, they can be really damn liberating. That’s been the case for me.

    4. 16 Things About Being In Your Thirties I Wish Someone Had Told Me, So I'm Telling You

    Yeah, it can be weird when you realize your doctor is younger than you are, but on the whole, being in your thirties is pretty damn great.

    5. What Are Essential Oils And Why Are People So Into Them? A Guide

    There have probably been a lot of bold, exciting claims popping up on your Facebook feed about essential oils lately — “They cured my husband’s cancer!” “They treated my child’s autism!” “They helped me pay off my student debt!” etc. We did some digging on what exactly aromatherapy can do, which claims are BS, which oils are worth your money, and how to use them safely.

    6. This Set Of Essential Oils Is Your Perfect Starter Kit

    Whether you’re looking for essential oils to help lull you into dreamland, clean a little more naturally around the house, or create some DIY face masks and bath bombs, this highly rated set of 16 on Amazon is an excellent starting point.

    7. 5 Easy Coconut Oil Tricks To Try, And 7 You Should Avoid At All Costs

    Coconut oil somehow managed to earn itself a reputation as a totally magical substance with the ability to heal all the problems in our lives. Eventually it had soooo many apparent benefits we started to be like, “sounds fake, but okay”. We did the research so you know what coconut oil can fix, and what it sadly just can’t.

    8. Why Venmo Is My Favorite Sympathy Card

    Since I’ve entered my thirties — a time when shit starts getting REAL real, turns out — I’ve discovered that the PayPal's sexier younger sibling is also a fantastic way to be there for someone when they are in crisis, in whatever way they need you to be there.

    9. How To Apologize Like A Goddamn Adult

    A good apology is hard to come by because, honestly, apologizing well is tough. It requires you to center someone else's feelings instead of your own while also admitting (to yourself and to them) that you made a mistake. But in an effort to be the apology-givers we want to see in the world, we looked into some apology best practices.

    10. A Monthly Recipe Club Is The Book Club Replacement I Was Waiting For

    A recipe club with friends is a commitment to making time and space for the relationships you want to keep strong — and a way to eat some delicious food, too.

    11. Everything You Need To Know If All Your Friends Are Apparently????? Having Babies????

    It’s equal parts exciting and overwhelming when your friends and family members start having babies. You want to help them, but you might not know how to give them the support they need. This post covers everything we’ve learned from our sisters and mom friends about the whole motherhood experience, from pregnancy to post-birth, that can help you help them.

    12. A Home Wardrobe Is A Thing, And You Probably Have One

    An ode to home clothes, the ones that you exclusively wear inside your house for things like cooking, cleaning, or lounging. They're comfortable, comforting, and perfect for doing for doing everything or absolutely nothing.

    13. Here's How To Plan Your Hangover Like A Grown-Ass Adult

    If you've reached that stage in life where even a few glasses of wine knock you around the next day, it's time to start planning your hangovers. We love anything to do with living with intention, and hangovers are no exception — so, do as we do, and start pre-planning the days when you know you’re going to feel less than fresh.

    14. Friday Night Chores Are The Gateway To A Great Weekend

    Doing chores on Friday nights changed my damn life.

    15. 22 Life-Changing Podcast Episodes We Recommend To Everyone We Know

    Bookmark this post for your next flight, long run, or just for when you're bored.