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23 Practical Gifts For People Who Are Hard To Shop For

If you know someone who just kind of shrugs when you ask them what they want for Christmas or their birthday, and who just doesn't love STUFF, this list is for you.

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Because God has a sense of humor, I — a person who just loves stuff, and whose love language is gifts — am surrounded by a lot of practical people who just don't, like, care about presents. (?????) I used to find this frustrating, but over time I've found ways to give them gifts that surprise and delight them.

1. An electric blanket for their car.

This one comes in three colors, and has good reviews and an A on Fakespot.

Get it on Amazon for $29.39.


2. A well-designed mug in their favorite color.

I love, love, love Joco mugs. They come in 24 colors and three different sizes (I'm partial to the 12-ounce one) and are practical and beautiful. It's also a great gift for people you don't know well (like, say, a sibling's girlfriend) and/or your kid's teachers.

Get the red one on Amazon for $26.95, and browse more colors and sizes here.

3. A nice lunch box.,,

Get them all on Amazon — the Mier (comes in three colors) for $16.55, the Mango for $19.95 (for a set of two sizes), and the Baloray (comes in two colors) for $11.99.

4. A neck, back, and shoulder massager.

This one has great reviews and an A on Fakespot, and my BFF swears by it.

Get it on Amazon for $39.95.

5. An electric kettle.,

I didn't grow up in an electric kettle family, so for a long time I didn't really get them. But now I know that there are so many situations in which quick access to hot water is incredibly useful.

Get it on Amazon for $24.16. And if you're up for spending more for one that's higher quality/will last them longer, go for the Cuisinart — $79.96 on Amazon.


9. Just a bunch of batteries.

I know it doesn't sound sexy, but after seeing the look of joy and appreciation on my uncle's face every year when he opened a new box of batteries from my mom, I firmly believe that this might be the greatest gift ever.

Get them all on Amazon — a 48-pack of AA for $12.49, a 36-pack of AAA for $8.99, a 12-pack of D for $10.92, and an 8-pack of 9-volt for $9.99.


12. A high-quality ice-scraper.

Anyone who drives in a snowy climate knows that scraping your car is a terrible task; having a tool that gets the job done better than others is actually incredibly useful. (I bought this one for my hard-to-shop-for grandma in 2015. It also pairs nicely with the electric car blanket.)

Get it on Amazon for $24.99.

13. Reusable bags for shopping for and/or storing produce.,

Get them all on Amazon — a set of five produce bags for $8.97, or a set of nine (in varying sizes) for $11.97. And get a set of four silicone storage bags for $14.58.


17. A lil' butter saver or a big-ass butter dish.,

Raise your hand if your mom has a cut-off stick of butter in the door of her fridge! Get this little cap for it on Amazon for $3.43.

And the butter dish is simple but elegant and can hold Kerrygold butter, which is all that matters. Get it on Amazon for $19.99.


19. A pair of cushy knee pads., Rachel Miller / BuzzFeed

Read more about why knee pads are so useful for anyone who gardens, does chores, or does any sort of DIY here, and then grab these for $24.99.

21. A new shower cap.


It's not cheap but as someone who wears a shower cap for most showers, I can tell you that it's incredibly practical and worth every penny.

Available in six colors/patterns; get it for $43 on Sephora or Bloomingdale's.