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16 Excellent Gifts For Woke Babies

"A is for activist..."

1. These leggings, which will introduce them to bell hooks.

2. This coloring book, which explores "the subjects of transness, gender creativity, intersexuality, and sexism in a positive and playful fashion."

3. And these "people color" crayons, so they can draw themselves and all their friends.

4. This beautiful Frida Kahlo stuffed doll and matching onesie.

5. Or one of these Frida-patterned baby blankets.

6. This alphabet board book, which helps toddlers learn their letters and their heroes.

7. Or this alphabet book, which features 26 amazing women.

8. This onesie, which celebrates Audre Lorde.

9. Or this onesie, to remind them that black lives matter.

10. This book, which teaches them colors as well as the beauty of Islam.

11. Or this beautiful picture book, to teach them that all hair is "good" hair.

12. The Judgmental Flower, which teaches little ones to celebrate others' differences.

13. This beloved board book, which features beautiful illustrations of babies of different races.

14. This matching game, which just so happens to feature black heroes.

15. Anything by Todd Parr.

16. And these wooden toys, which let kids build all different kinds of families.

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