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16 Excellent Gifts For Woke Babies

"A is for activist..."

NinaBsAwarenessTutus / Amazon / lunaimpressionsshop / Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

1. These leggings, which will introduce them to bell hooks.

Get them from SmartyPantsBabyWear on Etsy for $28.

2. This coloring book, which explores "the subjects of transness, gender creativity, intersexuality, and sexism in a positive and playful fashion."

Available for $12 from AssignedMale on Etsy.

3. And these "people color" crayons, so they can draw themselves and all their friends.

$6.99 for a set of 24, from Lakeshore Learning.

4. This beautiful Frida Kahlo stuffed doll and matching onesie.

$20 each, or get both together for $35 at lunaimpressionsshop on Etsy.

5. Or one of these Frida-patterned baby blankets.

Get them from lunaimpressionsshop for $42 each.

6. This alphabet board book, which helps toddlers learn their letters and their heroes.

Get it on Amazon for $7.06.

7. Or this alphabet book, which features 26 amazing women.

Get it on Amazon for $6.

8. This onesie, which celebrates Audre Lorde.

Get it for $30 from GrowWildStudio on Etsy, and find more amazing women/other letters here.

9. Or this onesie, to remind them that black lives matter.

Get it from NinaBsAwarenessTutus on Etsy for $15.

10. This book, which teaches them colors as well as the beauty of Islam.

Appropriate for preschoolers; get the paperback on Amazon for $6.16.

11. Or this beautiful picture book, to teach them that all hair is "good" hair.

Get the paperback on Amazon for $6.05.

12. The Judgmental Flower, which teaches little ones to celebrate others' differences.

Buy it from Amazon for $6.35.

13. This beloved board book, which features beautiful illustrations of babies of different races.

Get it on Amazon for $6.13.

14. This matching game, which just so happens to feature black heroes.

For kids ages 3–6; $12 on Amazon.

15. Anything by Todd Parr.

Parr writes books like The Family Book ($6.95), The Peace Book ($6), and It's Okay to Be Different ($6.95). His latest is Be Who You Are ($11.61), in which he writes, "When I was growing up in a small town in Wyoming, I felt like I didn't fit in. The other kids were interested in sports, but I wasn't. For my fourth-grade class photo, I wore a clip-on tie and purple sunglasses because I thought it was cool, but nobody else did. It was hard for me to learn to read and follow along in class. So, I was always trying to figure out how to fit in and be like everyone else. Finally, I realized it's easier and more fun to just BE WHO YOU ARE." <3

16. And these wooden toys, which let kids build all different kinds of families.

Get the 84-piece set from My Family Builders for $69.95 (on sale from $84.95).

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