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    21 Mother's Day Gift Ideas That Aren't Flowers

    Because not all moms want stereotypical "lady" gifts. The products in this post were updated in February 2018.

    1. A clever keychain, to help her say whatever's on her mind.

    2. A vintage map of a location that's meaningful to her.

    3. A fancy alarm clock that wakes her up gradually with gentle light.

    4. A welcome mat that shows her love of the game.

    5. A phone case with a backup battery and extra storage, for all the photos of the family dog she's always sending you.

    6. Some "everything bagel" seasoning to perk up all her meals.

    7. A classic blanket she'll have forever.

    8. A subscription to Audible for all the audiobooks she could ever listen to.

    9. Or some cool bookends if she prefers IRL books.

    10. A nice lunch bag, to replace the beat-up one she's been carrying since 1997.

    11. A year-long membership to a great museum or National Park in her area.

    12. This clever toothpaste wringer, because you know she never lets anything go to waste.

    13. A simple and elegant coffee cup.

    14. And this coffee maker, so she has something extra-delicious to put in it.

    15. A no-fuss shampoo bar.

    16. A pair of slippers that will make her feel cozy and pampered.

    17. Everything she needs to win her summer barbecues. (Because grill-related gifts aren't strictly a Father's Day thing.)

    18. A cool upgrade for her desk.

    19. A pair of sleek wireless headphones.

    Get them from Jabra for $99.99.

    20. A nice weekend bag.

    21. Some just-for-her temporary tattoos.

    Get them from Tattly for $5 each.