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21 Very Merry Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas

Deck your notebook!

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Yay, it's Christmastime — which, for some of us, means a bunch of new bullet journal opportunities!

If you don't know what a bullet journal is, check out this post as a primer. Or don't — these ideas are fun even if you don't know a thing about bullet journaling but are into journaling/scrapbooking/elaborate to-do lists.

There are a couple different ways you can turn your bullet journal into a holiday spectacular. The easiest way is to just add any of these spreads to your regular bujo (especially the ones that are clearly for your eyes only). But if you wanted to make something more akin to a a Christmas scrapbook that any family member could flip through without accidentally seeing what you're getting for them for Christmas, you could also set up a dedicated bullet journal that's just for the holidays.

Onto the ideas!

1. Create a spread that helps you keep track of gift ideas and purchases. (Click any image to enlarge.)

Rachel Miller / Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Set up columns so you can keep track of what you've bought, what you've spent, if gifts you've ordered online have arrived yet, when you need gifts (since your office Secret Santa gift exchange may be two weeks before Christmas), what needs to be wrapped, and any other relevant info.

(Spread inspired by this pin.)


6. Keep track of everyone you want to send Christmas cards to.

Kerry Anne Pearson

The goal with this spread is to add names to the blank envelopes when you send the card, but you could also do a simple list setup for names and addresses.

7. If you're traveling, add packing lists to your bujo, and make a separate list (or section) for the Christmas-specific items you don't want to forget.

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Because you don't want to get all the way to Grandma's house and then realize you forgot the kids' stockings and the $12 jar of vanilla beans you bought specifically for a Christmas Eve dinner recipe.


9. Design your own Advent calendar.

Volha Ramanchuk / Getty Images

Draw it in black pen and then color in each doodle to check off that day. PS It doesn't have to be this elaborate — you could just do plain boxes in a tree shape, like this.

11. Write down all the little things you're loving during the holiday season.

Rachel Miller / Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Whether it's in the form of a gratitude list, like the one pictured, or you just make a point to rapid log your favorite memories each day, you won't regret it.


13. If you don't have time for elaborate spreads, add a bit of cheer by just making headers/dates more colorful. (Click image for details.)

Rachel Miller / Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Micron, Stabilo, and Staebler make pens in all different shades of green, Tombow has brush pens in every shade of red and green, and I'm obsessed with Faber-Castell's metallic artist pens.

15. Create a spread for all of your favorites from the current year and add to the list as the month progresses.

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Think: your favorite Christmas song, favorite Christmas food/treat, most fun Christmas party, etc. You could also add tactile items like a swatch of your favorite wrapping paper or an extra Christmas stamp. It's like a holiday time capsule.


16. Put all that seasonal washi tape to good use.

Rachel Miller / Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

I went HAM in the Target dollar section a couple weeks ago; that, combined with a recent trip to Flying Tiger, combined with all the washi tape I bought last year, means I have more washi tape than I know what to do with. So ever since Black Friday, I've been adding a strip of tape to each of my daily spreads to make them look festive and fun.

17. Try some easy Christmas doodles. (Click the photos to enlarge.)

Betelgejze / Getty Images, Mxtama / Getty Images, Kate_sun / Getty Images

I'm not terribly artistic but looking at drawings like these has at least helped me fake it! They look fancy but are actually pretty simple to execute. (Hint: do them in pencil first.)

20. If you want a more scrapbook-like vibe, check out this blog (scroll down after you click) for some amazing inspiration.

21. And finally...set aside time to work on it!

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Obviously bullet journaling isn't for everyone, and making elaborate spreads isn't every bullet journaler's priority. But if you do decide to make special Christmas pages, you might as well use them! And drawing and doodling can be a great way to relieve stress and get a little ~you~ time during a busy and sometimes stressful time of year.