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    Posted on Nov 23, 2014

    21 Foolproof Ways To Bring Cheer To Your Warm-Weather Christmas

    Because a white Christmas is just a state of mind.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Put on something festive (that won't cause you to overheat).

    Couthclothing / Via

    Try a plaid shirt, a thin Buffalo-check scarf, or an ugly Christmas tank top.

    2. If you can't bear to turn your oven on, whip up a no-bake holiday treat.

    Get the recipe for these no-bake peppermint marshmallow cheesecake bars here.

    3. Make sure your home smells like Christmas.

    Get the instructions here. (You can also make this as a gift for friends in warm places.)

    4. Stock up on Christmas-themed household items. / Via

    The Dollar Store and Home Goods are great resources for holiday-themed dish towels, bedding, plates and mugs. Or make your own.

    5. Start using a festive tumbler.

    HautePinkCreations / Via

    Because a festive mug actually might not make sense when it's 70 degrees out.

    6. Take advantage of the warmer temperatures and go all-out with your outdoor Christmas lights.

    Joey Tripp / Via Flickr: trippj01

    Take a cue from the Tripp family of Georgia.

    7. Or put lights on your boat.

    Bleu Cotton Photography, Inc. / Via

    8. If that's not your style, just take a road trip to see the best Christmas lights in your state.

    Gary Willson / Via

    Get ideas for places to visit in the South here and in Southern California here.

    9. Take your sled out for a spin anyway.

    Drew B Photography / Via

    "Would you like to build a sandman?"

    10. Put on your favorite Christmas music.

    New Line / Via

    (And go ahead and sing it loud enough for all to hear.)

    11. Splurge on a realistic-looking fake tree.

    iStockphoto Fratticioli / Via

    If you want to really sell it, sprinkle needles all over the carpet around the tree and tell everyone you're worried about your dog drinking the water from the stand.

    12. Skip the traditional tree entirely and do a succulent tree instead.

    SucculentSolutions / Via

    13. Or decorate with a pretty wreath of succulents.

    SucculentSolutions / Via

    14. Add a few soft throw blankets to your living room.

    Even if you only get under them once in a while, they will make your place feel cozy.

    15. Or choose decor that pokes fun at the warm weather.

    Poor Frosty didn't stand a chance in Texas.

    16. Skip the hot buttered rum and make a chilled cocktail.

    Get this raspberry pomegranate champagne cocktail recipe here.

    17. Plan a party. / Via

    It will help get you in the holiday spirit.

    18. Take a little inspiration from Hawaii.

    19. Embrace the kitsch.

    Georgia Peachez / Via

    Fake snow, tacky tinsel, a white might as well just own it!

    20. Just keep telling yourself that it's the holiday season.

    ZanaProducts / Via

    Who cares if you're sweating? It's CHRISTMAS.

    21. Maybe don't hang Christmas lights on the palm trees.

    Wouldn't want the neighbors to get the wrong idea, after all.

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