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Quick Question: Do You Try To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Your Poop In A Shared Bathroom?


Pooping in a shared bathroom is a pleasant and anxiety-free experience for...basically no one.

jimjamcrafts / Via

And even if you survive the experience without any embarrassing sounds or flushing issues (GAHHHHHH) may still have a smell issue to contend with.

Justine Zwiebel / BuzzFeed/

So, question: Is the lingering smell something you typically try to fix?

YouTube/The Most Popular Girls in School / Via

Do you give it the ol' courtesy flush?

Feng Yu / iStock

Do you light a match to try to eliminate the evidence?

BTW, Mythbusters concluded that the match doesn't actually consume the bad-smelling gases.

Are you a Poo-Pourri diehard?

Poo-Pourri / Via

(Does that actually really work?)

Or do you take the more laid-back IDGAF approach?

  1. Just you try to eliminate the smell after you poop?

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Just you try to eliminate the smell after you poop?
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    Always; I'm not an animal!
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    Never; everybody poops!
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    Sometimes...I'll explain more in the comments.

Oh, and if you DO try to get the smell out, tell us your go-to method!