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Did You And Your Significant Other Have Sex On The First Date?

Because maybe "the rules" about when it's OK to sleep with someone are actually bullshit.

When it comes to sex and dating, some people still believe in certain rules.

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Women, specifically, are advised not to have sex with men "too early."

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Because if she has sex on the first date, he would then think she has sex with every dude on the first date, which would mean she's Not The Marrying Kind.

Something something something no one wants to buy the cow if you're blah blah blah.

But! The fact is, plenty of people bang it out "too early," and no judgment is cast.

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Some people even find long-lasting love with their one-night stand.

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Did you and your now-partner have sex on the first date or did you end up in a serious relationship with your would-be one-night stand?

Tell us your story in the comments (and share a photo of the two of you if possible!) and we'll round up some of them in a future post!

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