Here's A Soothing Tea Recipe For Anyone Who's Barely Keeping It Together Right Now

    It's basically liquid hygge.

    Last year, I decided to become a loose leaf tea person.

    After trying several different loose leaf teas, I came up with a glorious concoction that I call “Cozy Tea” because it’s so incredibly soothing.

    The drink — which includes a little vanilla syrup and some cream — is dreamy; it has a cherry/almond flavor with light floral vibes.

    This tea is is my winter-themed Pinterest board come to life.

    Here's what you'll need to make a cup of it:

    1. Two teaspoons of David's Tea Alpine Punch Loose Leaf Tea

    2. Two teaspoons of vanilla syrup

    3. A splash of half-and-half

    4. 12-16 ounces of very hot (but not boiling) water

    5. A tea steeper

    Still with me? Great! Let's make some tea!


    FYI, the following instructions are very flexible and you can adjust to taste, eyeball everything, etc.

    1. Scoop ~2 tsp of Alpine punch loose leaf tea into a tea steeper. (Note: don’t pack it too tight — the tea needs a little room to expand as it absorbs the water.)

    2. Add ~1-1.5 pumps of vanilla syrup to a large mug. (If you don’t have a pump, add 2-3 tsp of vanilla syrup.)

    3. Place the steeper in the mug and the fill the mug with 12-16 ounces of near-boiling water. Let the tea steep for five minutes before removing the steeper. (BE CAREFUL, THE WATER WILL BE VERY HOT.)

    4. Top off mug with a generous splash of half and half, and give it a stir.

    5. Let the tea cool for about a minute.

    That's it! Then it's time to settle in with your cup of tea — maybe under some cozy blankets and fairy lights — and gaze thoughtfully out the window while your sweater falls off your shoulder.

    I have been making Cozy Tea before bed and/or having it with buttered toast for a very late dinner and it's the best thing!

    That's it! Go forth and be cozy!