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21 Mesmerizing Winter Gifs That'll Make You Feel Warm Inside


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First, press play.

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1. Hi, guys.

Jumpystone / Getty

2. Winter can be rough.

GULIVERIS / Getty Images

3. There's, like, 17 minutes of daylight every day.

JesseAnthony / Getty

4. And things can just feel...overwhelming.

Rastan / Getty

5. But! There's a certain pureness to winter, too.

PavelPrichystal / Getty

6. A stillness that can be lovely.

G-o-o-d-M-a-n / Getty

7. And even the occasional magical moment.

gonin / Getty

8. There are, for example, very good dogs.

RightCameraman / Getty

9. There are crackling fireplaces and cozy socks.

sezer66 / Getty

10. There are cups of tea.

Tiarama / BuzzFeed

11. And excellent opportunities for self-reflection.

rawheadrex / Getty

12. There are tiny houses with tiny plumes of smoke coming from their tiny chimneys...

Marseas / Getty

13. Pretty streetlights...

helivideo / Getty

14. And trains moving silently through the coldest nights.

baska8777 / Getty

15. There are still beautiful sunrises and sunsets on occasion.

EaglewoodFilms / Getty

16. And there's usually at least one good snowfall.

trendobjects / Getty

17. So, sometimes it can help to just lean in to winter.

Sergeymalov / Getty

18. Take a few deep breaths...

Kostyantyn_Skuridin / Getty

19. Find a place that feels cozy...

Marseas / Getty

20. (Even if that place is just in your favorite book or movie!)

Jezperklauzen / Getty

21. And plan to face the grayest days of winter with as much grace and DGAF-ness as this majestic wolf.

JensKlingebiel / Getty

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