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Why Bro-Dal Showers Are The Next Big Thing In Weddings

Because grooms deserve to be celebrated too.

The editors at BuzzFeed Life recently threw wedding showers for two of our male co-workers.

Our first bro-dal shower was a casual afternoon party for Ahmed Akbar, who will marry his fiancé Salimah in July 2016.

There was a meat and cheese board piled high:

Beer and bacon trail mix:

Beer brat sliders:

Campfire corn:

Skillet s'mores dip:

Whiskey shots with moonshine-soaked cherries:

And, of course, a cake:

This Tumblr-inspired beard-decorating game was made for Instagram-worthy photos.

We got fake beards from a Halloween shop and set out a bunch of DIY supplies.

Even though some of our guests had real ink, everyone had fun with the temporary tattoo station.

The moonshine may have helped the guests unleash their inner lumbersexuals.

And — because it's a wedding shower tradition — the fiancé came by at the end.

The second bro-dal shower was for Tommy Wesely, who will marry his fiancé Matt in October.

Use of the phrase "tablescape" was encouraged. As in "Wow, that Gotham-inspired tablescape looks great."

Pro tip: All desserts look better when they're stacked.

There was a tasting menu of seven cocktails, all inspired by different Batman characters.

A seven-cocktail tasting menu = everyone had a pretty great time.

The guests played classic shower games (like answering trivia questions about the couple) while getting increasingly drunk and therefore bad at playing them.

Also, the fancy black macarons turned everyone's tongues black.

Go forth and bro-dal!

Styled by: John Gara, Lauren Zaser, Rachel Wilkerson Miller, Jess Probus, Matt Ortile

Photography: Lauren Zaser

Lumberjack recipe development and styling: Christine Byrne

Batman cocktail recipe development and styling: Rachel Sanders

Invitations, menus, and games: Justine Zwiebel

Lumberjack party products: Black disposable dishes; round galvanized charger; galvanized tray; moss; vintage copper shot glasses; moonshine and cherries; mini chalkboard sign; wooden utensils; tin planters; succulents; wooden ax; photo booth backdrop; photo booth props; camping tattoos; bear tattoos; bear pillow; beard oil; beard comb; napkins; moss table runner; tablecloth; lanterns; tiny trees.

Batman party products: Flowers; black macarons; silver geometric vases; long black planters; Chrysler Building puzzle; Empire State Building puzzle; gold flatware; napkins; place mats; tablecloth; gold confetti glasses; gold candle holders; Batmobile; candelabras; photo booth props; photo booth backdrop; black geometric votive holders; silver chargers.

Some of the props and decor were loaned to BuzzFeed Life or given to us free of charge.