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This $17 Dress From Amazon Is The Stuff Group-Costume Dreams Are Made Of

It comes in a dozen colors, is available in sizes S–5X, is cute as hell, and is Prime eligible!

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One of my favorite things about Halloween is seeing well-executed group costumes. And finding the perfect base outfit — whether that's matching T-shirts, dresses, or something else entirely — is the best way to turn a good group costume into a great group costume.

What makes it so great? Well, it boasts a few standout features:

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

• It comes in 12 different colors, meaning you can easily build group costumes where everyone wears the same color, or do a costume where you need similar outfits in a bunch of different colors (like, say, Skittles).

• It's available in small through 5X, so people in a range of sizes can participate in the group costume. (A friend of mine who typically wears a size 24-26 tried on the 5X and reported back to me that it fit her.)

• It looks really cute on! It's definitely ~flirty~, but you could wear it to a work Halloween party without fear of flashing everyone if you bend over.

• It's $16.99 and Prime eligible. Can't beat that!


We were all pleasantly surprised by the quality, especially given the price point.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

The dress fits really well, runs true to size, and the fabric is really soft and comfortable*! It's a little clingy around the tummy, so I found it useful to go up a size (I'm wearing a medium in these photos, and I'm 5'3", BTW); you could do the same, and/or wear tights under it for extra comfort.

*One truly minor note: The black dresses and the white dresses are made from a slightly different fabric (93% cotton, 7% spandex) than the other colors (which are 95% rayon, 5% spandex). They are virtually identical, but the black and white dresses aren't quite as light/flowy as the other ones.

Here are some other group costumes you could make using the dress...

Kay Sinn / Amazon / Via

• Crayons

• Pokémon

• M&M's

• My Little Ponies

• Pac-Man characters

• The characters from Clue

• Different fruits or veggies

• Different holidays

• Apples to Apples

• Minions

• Microsoft Office Suite (blue, green, turquoise, red)

• The Google logo (white dress + a different color letter on each one)

• Taco Bell hot sauces

P.S.: If you end up making a costume using this dress, I'd love to see photos and/or feature it in a future BuzzFeed post!

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