26 Beautiful Wedding Photos To Inspire You This Month

    New month = inspiration overload.

    1. These fabulous women, traipsing around in a bridal wonderland.

    2. That floral necklace, though <3.

    3. This cute cookie that's disguised as a slice of wedding cake.

    4. And this oh-so-lovely couple.

    5. This beautiful magnolia leaf name card.

    Facebook: video.php

    Written by Laura Hooper Calligraphy for BuzzFeed Life.

    6. And this globe-turned-love letter.

    Facebook: video.php

    The perfect gift for a travel-loving partner or couple! Made by Laura Hooper Calligraphy for BuzzFeed Life.

    7. This confetti-fied engagement photo.

    8. This super fun DIY bridal shower game.

    9. This ridiculously cool flower crown...

    ...which is even better from the other side.

    10. This incredibly sweet custom Monopoly board proposal.

    11. This cute Frankenweenie cake.

    12. And the wedding vows lifted from Corpse Bride.

    13. This bouquet, made entirely from vintage enamel brooches.

    14. This flawless bridal party, who is staying warm in style.

    15. This very relatable sentiment.

    16. This exuberant entrance.

    17. This bowling alley lined with hay.

    18. This unique ceremony seating.

    19. This bride's on-point crop top.

    20. This sweet quote.

    21. This pug cake topper.

    22. Three words: Personalized whiskey barrels.

    23. This SUPER simple veil.

    Which is very easy to kiss in.

    24. Miss Indonesia's drop-dead gorgeous wedding in Bali.

    25. This awesome bride who nailed her "something blue."

    26. And this. Everything about this.

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