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    23 Adorable Pins To Give Someone You Love

    Your love is ~pinfinite~.

    1. For your favorite person to have no-pants parties with:

    2. For your one true love who is always pursuing the perfect Insta pic:

    3. For your bae with so much hometown pride:

    $12 each; see more city options here.

    4. For the person you think is The Shit:

    5. For your dear Valentine's Day traditionalist:

    6. For your favorite cat lady or gentleman:

    7. Ahem, option B:

    8. For the one you love because they live by the golden rule:

    9. And for the one who does not:

    10. For the one you love URL and IRL:

    11. For your Internet bf or gf:

    12. For your favorite person to eat pizza with:

    13. For your cute lil' peach:

    14. For the misanthrope you can't help but love:

    15. And for the eternal optimist:

    16. For the one who is an absolute gem:

    17. For your fave runner-up:

    18. For the one-night stand who ended up being The One:

    19. For your movie-loving sweetheart:

    20. For one who fills your heart with meh:

    21. For your favorite Plastic:

    22. For the one who thinks money grows on trees:

    23. And for basically anyone: