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    7 Simple And Easy Ways To Have A Good January

    Snuggle up with a hot water bottle, be more focused in work meetings, and more!

    Hello, friends! As we kick off the new year, here are a few easy ways to live your cleanest, coziest, most focused life in January.

    1. Fill a salt shaker with baking soda and keep it next to your sink.

    2. Stay warm with the help of a good, old-fashioned hot water bottle.

    3. Get better at work meetings.

    4. Try one of these tricks for getting yourself to do chores or important tasks after work: Either don't let yourself take off your shoes until you've done the thing, or don't let yourself sit down until it's done.

    5. Subscribe to dog poop bag deliveries so you're never stuck without any.

    6. Clean your fridge once a week.

    7. And, finally, get a planner/to-do list system that you love.

    That's all! Now get out there and make it a great month!