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This Year’s Oscar Winners As An Example For Independent Filmmakers

On March, 4th we all learned who won one of the most prestigious prizes in the film industry. But is there any significant meaning for independent filmmaking? And if yes, then what this meaning is?

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Today the Academy Awards has become a platform where actors, directors, producers, and other filmmakers are able to raise awareness and discuss current issues happening within the industry. Independent filmmakers have to know the current trends of the industry on a global scale in order to make the right creative decisions for their film production. Here are several trends that 2018 Oscars have brought into the industry for this year.

Female-centric narratives and creatives are winning big

This year Oscar was full of female-centered stories, including The Shape of Water, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Ladybird, I, Tonya, The Florida Project, and The Post. Yet, it was only Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri that was also directed by a woman.

Due to the rise of Time’s Up movement exactly female narratives will be at the very top of the industry this year because women always have great stories to tell. If you are a director, then you need to ensure that your crew represent the characters on screen correctly and become an example of positive change in the industry.

Horror is winning positions

In September 2017 It has broken the BO records and brought back the genre of horror with major corrections. It was in 1991 that horror films were last looked at by the Oscars when Silence of the Lambs won the ‘Big Five’ awards. The win of Get Out at this year’s ceremony marks a significant moment for both the genre of horror and the film industry itself.

In 2016 the #OscarsSoWhite ceremony was a humiliation for the whole film industry, so when Get Out was released in 2017 it managed to champion black filmmakers and black narratives. It won on the wave of race discrimination tackling the race problem in a film through its storyline. Black/white relationship and explicit tackling of the taboo issues have led to the film being the cult success of the year for the horror genre. What we have now? The renovated and recreated genre of horror that challenges preconceptions that promotes the upcoming films to be critically acknowledged again.

The defining new ‘norm’ in film

The Golden Age of Hollywood dictated flat and straightforward relationship between two people; the couple could have been only a woman and a man, and full stop. Today with the development and acknowledgement of more than just two sexes, it is possible that a woman is in love with a sea creature (The Shape of Water). This year film industry promotes the motto that nothing is off limits, now you can define the new “normal”. The success of Call Me By Your Name that took the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay only supports this idea together with the nominees A Fantastic Woman and The Silent Child. It is said that even film investment companies like Red Rock Entertainment are more likely to fund films that promote complete inclusion, to support directors who are creating roles for actors representing new roles for all people, and not just heterosexuals. So the film industry today requires new scenes to reshape the landscape of film industry in years to come.

Animations and the new modes of design

The Oscar for Best Animated Feature was taken by Coco. And experts called it a great success for transnational narratives. Coco followed the success of Moana in 2017 and Zootopia in 2016. Today animation films open completely new ways of expressing diversity in an educational and entertaining way. Such animations promote great understanding of inclusion for audiences of all age. Filmmakers explain how important it is that animation continues to promote new screen representations for different cultures. In 2018 the animated Loving Vincent has received such a huge acclaim from the critics! This was the first fully-painted feature film and it opened a new page of potential for the upcoming animated films. Year by year animation transforms into the genre of not only fairytales for children, but into an untapped resource for mature narratives.

Real life on screen is good, not shameful

The Disaster Artist and The Big Sick were both nominated for the best screenplay. Both films were the adaptation of either personal or real-life events that retained on screen. Gary Oldman (for The Darkest Hour) and Allison Janney (for the I, Tonya) were both praised for the portrayal of real characters. The 2018 trend is not to be afraid to write about the real-life experience of your own or of the lives of other people. Whatever story you have is worth being screened and shown to the world. The only condition is that your story lies in truth so that people can empathise with your real-life characters and situations.

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