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    27 Ways Russia Was Hipster Before Hipster Was Even A Thing

    My fellow Americans... From Brooklyn to Portland we're insufferably smug and terribly unoriginal.

    1. Russians have been drinking your kombucha for years.

    2. We can pickle that.

    3. The banya

    4. A Week of Eating Pancakes

    5. Here's another pancake photo because cats.

    6. Beards. Clearly.

    7. The Shot Shop

    8. I love you, man.

    9. Green Commuting

    10. Who needs Starbucks?

    11. Knitting Champions

    12. But knitting is just her side-gig now.

    13. She is really enjoying the leisure of her old age.

    14. Russians Are Tsars Of The Burn

    15. Hipster Cop

    16. Your ukulele is pathetic.

    17. Best Adaptations to Small Living Spaces.

    18. You can even get a narrower one for use in the kitchen.

    19. And while we're at it, why have a dish-drain and an entirely separate dish cabinet? The two are naturally married in form.

    20. Homebrew

    21. No more Dry soda.

    22. Salo is the new bacon.

    23. Go to the dacha for all your natural, organic, sustainable, locally-grown, non-GMO, heirloom, heritage, buzzword produce.

    24. No more reclaimed wood.

    25. Flowers For All Seasons

    26. Itty Bitty Hip

    27. Pie Delivery