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What It Feels Like To Reread Your Own Teenage Angst As An Adult

Featuring words from my own angsty blog. Because, c'mon, who didn't have a really emotional and deep Blogspot, Livejournal, Tumblr, Wordpress, etc. when they were sixteen?!

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Feeling nostalgic today? Why not look through that old blog of yours?

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This seems like a good idea. You're sure you'll find some things that will make you chuckle, but you seem to remember that you were actually a pretty good writer.

First thing's first: Figure out your old password.

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This part is bound to be almost as embarrassing as what's to come. Maybe it's emokid89, or maybe it's just a Death Cab for Cutie lyric like mine was; either way, it's not a great start.

You're in! Look at that beautiful juxtaposition of a simple background with silhouetted photographs of nature / Via

Still mildly impressed with your eye for design as a teenager. You really captured the solemnity that was your mind. Put a bird on it.

Now it really begins and literally the first words you read are, "I don't know how I can be so different, it doesn't make sense to me."

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Mmm hmm. Off to a rocky start, but you were, after all, a teenager. You were probably just having an off-day and that's why you sound so much like every teenager ever to have lived. Probably best to skip to the next entry.


The more you scroll, the worse it gets. Turns out what you thought was practically poetry was actually nonsense.

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"I strive for simplicity. Yet, it always seems to be so complex. But I am a complex person. I wonder if its possible for a complex person to be simple. I think so. I need to think so. I need it to be so. It is so if I say it is to me, but only to me." ACTUAL WORDS FROM MY BLOG. I don't even know what to say about that one, guys.

As you get further towards the end of your blogging career, you realize you may not have been destined to be the great writer you always secretly thought you were going to be.

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Your dreams are crushed. A great teenager once said, "Nostalgia is dangerous." Hint: it was me.

That's it. You've read them all (or all that you could handle to read), all there's left to do is laugh. You will probably never be so unintentionally hilarious ever again.

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