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    15 Mouthwatering Ice Creams That Are Loaded With Fresh Fruit

    It's time to take advantage of the fresh fruit season!

    1. Dark Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream

    Rachel at Mesa Cooking Co. / Via

    2. Strawberry Cheesecake No-Churn Ice Cream

    Annie at Ciao Chow Bambina / Via

    3. No-Churn Blueberry Mascarpone Ice Cream

    Abbey at The Butter Half / Via

    4. Strawberry Ice Cream

    Laura at Tutti Dolci / Via

    5. No-Churn Peach Pie Ice Cream

    Coleen at The Redhead Baker / Via

    6. No-Churn Blueberry Pie Ice Cream

    Chelsea at The Whole Bite / Via

    7. Toasted Coconut Blackberry Ice Cream

    MIchelle at A Latte Food / Via

    8. Mango Blueberry Nicecream Jar With Rice Crispy Clusters

    Natalie at Feasting on Fruit / Via

    9. Lemon Cake Ice Cream

    Leah at Freutcake / Via

    10. Nutella Ice Cream with Blackberry Ripple

    Jane at Little Sugar Snaps / Via

    11. Passionfruit Meringue Ice Cream {No-Churn}

    Amy at Thoroughly Nourished Life / Via

    12. Banana Pistachio Soft Serve

    Christina at The Blissful Balance / Via

    13. Classic and Easy Cherry Lassi Ice Cream

    Anupama at My Ginger Garlic Kitchen / Via

    14. Easy No-Churn Pina Colada Sorbet

    Faith at Healthy Sweet Eats / Via

    15. Cherry and Raspberry Ripple Gelato

    Marie at Food Nouveau / Via
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