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Which CL 11 Guy Are You?

Bros b4 hoes

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  1. What are your hobbies?

    Sleeping, school, and legos
    Spending time with family and friends, college, long walks on the beach
    Gaming and sleeping
    Existing in my room
  2. If you were a fruit, which would you be and why?

    A plum because they are juicy
    An orange because of my hair
    A strawberry because they’re tasty
    A starfruit. You know why.
  3. Which Harry Potter Character are you?

    A dementor
    Never seen Harry Potter
    Slughorn for sure
    Sirius Black
  4. If Paige turned into a dinosaur, what would you do?

    Definitely not take her spot on the couch
    Hope she won't kill me
    Tell Hannah she needs a walk
    Go after the Care Bears
  5. You're famous, why?

    For being the lead vocalist in a hardcore band
    Being a sports anchor
    Owner of the world's best dog
    Viral video gets released of me RKO’ing Trump off the Trump Wall into a crowd of rioting Mexicans
  6. In high school, you…

    Kept to myself and played with legos
    Played sports & was in the choir
    Took two weeks off because I was "sick"
    Were the kid with the minivan
  7. What makes you irate?

    People. Loud people. Drunk people. Stupid people.
    Sporting events and school
    People taking my seat
  8. What do you look for in a significant other?

    Tall, blonde, fit, smart, science oriented, not a religious nut
    A nice smile and an appreciation for sports
    Darth Maul
    Someone that can put up with me and smile while doing it
  9. What is your role in the apartment?

    There only to sleep
    Danny Tanner
    Animal owner
    Not the protagonist, but also not the antagonist, you feel me?
  10. You’re stuck on a deserted island with a stick of butter, 1 sandal, and a dull pencil with no eraser. How would you use these items to survive?

    Dig a hole until I find clay under the sand with the one sandal. I make clay bricks and let them harden in the sun to build a house. I'll build a fire to boil water from the ocean then use butter to flavor worms & use the pencil as a utensil.
    Eat the butter, use the sandal for fire along with the pencil
    Spear fish with stick, catch animals with other items
    Use the butter to flavor up the sandal and pencil to make a nice ‘ol salad before swimming out to my death

Which CL 11 Guy Are You?

You got: Alex Scholten

You're the quietest one of the bunch, but your one-liners never fail to make people laugh. You could definitely stop traffic with how well you rock a blue v-neck. You're hardworking, motivated, and always put 100% into everything you do.

Alex Scholten
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You got: Ryan Compeau

You're an all-around outgoing, people person. Sports are definitely your thing, evidenced by the majority of your social media posts. You tend to be silly and lighthearted, but also have a deep care for the people in your life.

Ryan Compeau
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You got: Noah Rietkerk

You're usually sarcastic and full of snarky comments, but are sweet on the inside. When you're actually in the mood to go to class, you get there a whole 20 minutes early. You're outdoorsy and have a great sense of humor (thanks to your comprehensive knowledge of memes).

Noah Rietkerk
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You got: Mitchell Nikolaas

You're full of humor and always make the best out of any situation. You have great taste in a wide range of music, even if that includes Lil Peep. You're genuinely kind and care a lot about the people in your life.

Mitchell Nikolaas
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