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Are You More Kiersten Or Rachel?

Either way, you're crazy

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  1. What is your favorite Harry Potter movie?

    Order of the Phoenix
    Deathly Hallows Pt. 2
  2. Do you believe the Auntie Anne's monopoly at the Great Lakes Crossing Mall is a big deal?

    YES! They are taking over the world! It's only a matter of time before we are all brainwashed!
  3. Jack Sparrow or Will Turner?

    CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow
    Will Turner!
  4. What would be your favorite genre of books?

    Mysteries, Crime, or anything ambiguous
    Fantasy or Historical Fiction
  5. Is it "play it by year" or "play it by ear"?

    Definitely year.
  6. What country would you most want to travel to?

  7. What is your favorite summer activity?

    Fishing, swimming, and long nights looking at the stars
    Hanging at the beach with friends
  8. Do you want to arm wrestle?

  9. Would you rather be a teacher or book editor?

    Teacher! I love the littles
    Books! I can't deal with people
  10. What is your favorite book?

    The Great Gatsby
    To Kill A Mockingbird
  11. What awkward thing would you do in middle school?

    Write intricate stories with a friend about your classmates that include a Harry Potter twist
    Wear a Jo Bros T-shirt almost every day
  12. What embarrassing moment would you most likely have?

    Bet a guy he wouldn't kiss you and be surprised that he did because you thought it was a joke
    Believe you had a ghostly encounter at a haunted hotel, go as far to journal/Facebook about it, just to find out it was actually all your sister
  13. Would you rather live in the city or in the mountains/woods?

  14. Do you like people?

    Yes, people are generally good-natured
    No, they annoy me
  15. What would you do if you saw someone attractive?

    Cry or say something awkward
    Blush and stare creepily
  16. Year-round school or Catholic school?

  17. Do you enjoy sports and physical activity?

    Yes, generally
  18. Would you rather watch Game of Thrones or Law and Order SVU

    SVU! Elliot Stabler is my dream man.
    GOT. Jon Snow is beautiful.
  19. Who is your spirit animal?

    Margo Roth Spiegelman & Ben Gates
    Mia Thermopolis
  20. What word best describes you?


Are You More Kiersten Or Rachel?

You got: Rachel

You're energetic, crazy, and always down for a good time! You're content watching movies all day, but you also love a good adventure. You're always on the lookout for a good quote or music that speaks to your soul. You love laughing at dumb things with your best friend and making plans for the future. Your favorite weather is rain, but you're sunny inside and out!

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You got: Kiersten

You're funny, stubborn, and love books way more than people. You're a realist, but in your mind, you live in a fantasy world. At any given moment, you're daydreaming about castles and royalty. You're the quieter one of the pair, but once someone gets to know you, you're the life of the party! You're always down for adventures with your best friend, whether its a road trip to the Sleeping Bear Dunes or a 9pm Barnes & Noble run.

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