18 Things You Can Only Get Away With Because You're From Manchester

    This is Manchester. We do things differently here.

    1. Correcting anyone who can't grasp that you have your dinner at midday and your tea in the evening.

    2. Being outraged when you visit any town or city that doesn’t have gravy on the chippy menu.

    3. Calling a man "cock" without getting your head kicked in.

    4. And ordering a "Massive Cock Burger".

    5. Boasting about how much better our bands are than anywhere else in the UK, in fact the world, at any given opportunity.

    6. Insisting Manchester's clubs are the best, too.

    7. Defending the "Manchester Tart" to the death – even if you HATE them.

    8. Replacing the letter T with the letter K in certain words like little, bottle, and hospital.

    9. Finding the C and S being scrubbed out on the Canal Street sign really funny.

    10. Feeling proud it was YOUR city where THIS was captured on Google Maps.

    11. Putting "our" in front of the name of every relative you have.

    L'ill Our Kid in training. He's Mad Ferritt!! #Oasis #LiamGallagher #RocknRollStar

    Via Twitter / @madferrittmusic

    12. And finishing every sentence with the word "me" as in, "Got some puuuuuure bargains in town today, me."

    13. Being slightly disturbed that visitors to the city might think everyone from Manchester are like the hipsters in the Northern Quarter.

    14. Using the word "alright" as a greeting, an answer, and a question.

    15. Calling police the "dibble".

    16. Getting so wrecked you fight not just only over a kebab, but with a kebab.

    17. Walking like Ian Brown – even though the Madchester scene was nearly two decades ago.

    18. Being absolutely fine about it raining all the time.

    Twitter: @AimieLou247

    It may be wet and cold but it's the best place to live in the world!