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    19 Silly Assumptions About Singles In Their Thirties

    Please don't bring up "The One."

    1. "You're just like Samantha on Sex And The City."

    2. “I’ve got the perfect person for you.”

    3. "Tell everyone the one about ... *fills in blank with your worst dating fail*."

    4. "I love living my life vicariously through your stories."

    5. "Why are you on your own?"

    6. "You mustn’t be trying hard enough!"

    7. "It’s because you’re too picky."

    8. "You need to have children before you’re 40."

    9. "You need to put yourself out there!"

    10. "Have you tried internet dating?"

    11. "It doesn’t matter how many knock backs you get, as long as you find ‘The One.’"

    12. “You need to ‘tone yourself down’ a bit.”

    13. "Why don’t you get back with your ex?"

    14. "Your time will come one day."

    15. "You should freeze your eggs/sperm."

    16. "One day you’ll look back and laugh about this."

    17. "After all you've been through, meeting 'The One' will be SO amazing."

    18. "I don't know how you stay positive."

    19. "It just hasn’t happened yet."