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    16 Street Foods Everyone Must Try In Manchester

    Get yerself some proper decent scran.

    1. The Hip Hop Chip Shop

    Image by Hip Hop Chip Shop

    These Feastie Boys dish out fish and chips and all sorts of other grub from a 90s style boom box. Try their Shell L Cool J, which is a Louisiana spiced panko breadcrumb crab cake, battered smoky streaky bacon and homemade coleslaw in a brioche bun.

    They're serving at The Kitchens, Spinningfields and they do weddings and events too, so click here to find out more or follow them on Twitter.

    2. Viet Shack

    Via Twitter: @vietshack

    Chicken, pork and beef laden with lemongrass and Vietnamese spices.

    Dim sum, HUGE king summer prawn rolls and sticky coconut rice. Viet dogs topped with pickled veg and inventive dishes like slow cooked ribs or coke can chicken.

    Find their legendary chef at Arndale Market, and you can follow them on Twitter to see which summer food events they'll be popping up at.

    3. Honest Crust

    Via Facebook: Honest Crust

    Their bubbling sourdough wood fired pizzas are brimming with tasty toppings.So much that they've been dubbed "jaw dropping" and "revelatory" and their simple Margherita is reason alone to visit Manchester.

    Toppings vary depending on the freshest ingredients they can get on the day and they do fab antipasti and dips too. Get a pizza the action at Market House in Altrincham and on Facebook.

    4. Bangers and Bacon

    Image by Bangers and Bacon

    Want some piggy in your middle? You won't go short at Bangers and Bacon. Try It Mush Pea Love or Don't Go Bacon My Heart which is a double bacon chop with garlic and rosemary batter with slaw and mustard pickle.

    Drop in to Guerrilla Eats, Shudehill on Saturdays where you can book chef's table seats if you fancy a sit down treat. Also at Beat Street Manchester's Friday Food Fight and their new spot in Spinningfields.

    5. Fat Annies

    Image by Justin Garner/Jags Photography

    Do you love a bit of sausage? Try Fat Annie's New York inspired hotdogs, especially The Big Melt which has pork, beef, bacon and cheese inside the sausage and their bacon wrapped dogs.

    Fat Annies is on the corner of Thomas Street and John Street in the Northern Quarter on Thursdays and Fridays from 12pm until 3pm, at Guerrilla Eats and on Twitter.

    6. Mumma Schnitzel

    Via Twitter: @mummaschnitzel

    Mumma Schnitzel's Noddy van is popping up at lunchtime all over the city. So if you spot it, ditch your meal deal and get your mitts on some schnitz. Think crispy chicken burgers, halloumi bites, meatballs, belly pork and triple cooked chips.

    She's at The Kitchens in Spinningfields, and you can find her online here and on Twitter.

    7. Kelly's Kitchen

    Image by Kelly Barlow

    HUGE pans of chicken and chorizo paella, Mexican Coneizzas, and steak chilli finished off with chocolate and coffee are some of Kelly's specials. They also call her the Walter White of Pizza and she has a fab wood fire oven that cooks them in 90 seconds!

    She's at pop ups and at Food Town Funk in Clitheroe too from June. You can get your mitts on her What's Tomato With Sauce here and she's on Twitter.

    8. Love From The Streets

    Image by Love From The Streets

    Love a BBQ? Then check out these burger kings who have a team, All Smoke No Kickers, doing burger offs at pop ups around Manchester. Founder Jason Latham and his crew are at Beat Street at the Great Northern Warehouse on Fridays. They do hog roasts and Love From The Sweets pancakes too.

    Find out more here and follow them on Twitter.

    9. Little Italy Kitchen

    Via Twitter: @andreadellos

    Don't gnocchi it til you've tried a taste of Italy with Andrea at Levy Market on Saturdays.

    From Naples, he's brought the city's finest flavours with him. Brioche, pastries, custard tarts and paninis for £1.50! See more of his menu and events on Twitter.

    10. Northern Soul Manchester

    Via Twitter: @NorthernSoulMcr

    Love toasties? Once the staple diet of students, now you can get them dripping with cheese and nice stuff like steak, pulled pork and chorizo. Try Feel The Heat if you like it spicy and Philly Cheese Steak is a favourite too.

    Grab your grown up toastie at their stall on Church Street Market where you can wolf it down to the tunes of Northern Soul. Their website is coming soon but for now, follow them on Twitter.

    11. Ginger's Comfort Emporium

    Via Twitter: @gingerscomfort

    Ice cream sandwich anyone? Ginger invents her own flavours and makes them out of CAMEL milk! Don't get the hump though as they taste AMAZING!

    Try her Ugandan Ndali vanilla, mint with aniseed and fennel, Absinthe with fennel, aniseed and wormwood or French Elvis – eggy bread with salted caramel and peanut butter ice cream.

    She's at Afflecks Palace, on Facebook and to find out where she'll be popping up this summer in her van and new trike, follow her on Twitter.

    12. Holey Bagels

    Image by Holey Bagels

    It started with a search for the ultimate sandwich and now the Holey Bagels truck is a regular fixture in Chorlton. You can't miss their cute red van every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the PostBox Cafe on Wilbraham Road.

    Try the Paradise Garage – hot Spanish sausage, melted goat's cheese, rocket and chilli jam or The Big Lebowski – marinated beef with homemade BBQ sauce, coleslaw and rocket. You can get veggie and vegan bagels too. Follow them on Twitter.

    13. Filfilfalafel

    Image by FilFilFalafel

    Filfilfalafel pride themselves on using 95% locally sourced ingredients and handmade sourdough. They do lovely meze and dips too. Their Middle Eastern inspired veggie and vegan dishes are selling out all over the place.

    Find them at Guerrilla Eats and see where they'll pop up next on Twitter or if you fancy a sit down meal, go to one of their kitchen takeovers.

    14. Mei Mei's

    Via Facebook: MeiMeisStreetCart

    What the flip is a Jan Bing? If you don't know already, get to Mei Mei's Street Cart and try one! It's a Chinese crepe filled with char siu bbq pork, garlic fried chicken, shittake mushrooms or Beijing veggies and the recipes were inspired by Mel AKA Mei Mei's granny. If that's not got you drooling there's loads of other Chinese comfort food to choose from.

    See Mei Mei at Guerrilla Eats through the summer, Altrincham Markets and follow her on Twitter.

    15. Madame Francoise

    Via Twitter: @FrancoiseManc

    Ooh la la. Think huge savoury galettes and crepes topped with anything from chestnut spread to Nutella and marshmallows. She can do vegan and gluten free too.

    Find her at Guerrilla Eats, Alti Market, online here and Twitter.

    16. The Hungry Gecko

    Image by The Hungry Gecko

    Jackie Kearney – a former Masterchef finalist – is the brains behind the Hungry Gecko's vegan and veggie street food. Try her Pani Puri, Bombay Frankie, Veggie Duck spring rolls and her famous vegan fish sauce Sea Sauce.

    You can't miss her in Barbarella, her huge trailer! While she's busy with weddings and bespoke dinner parties, you can still find her popping up at foodie events and you can follow her on Twitter.

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