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8 Things Entourage Taught Us About Friend Group Dynamics

In honor of the Entourage movie coming out in a few short months (June 5th, mark your calendars!) and school coming to a close in a few short weeks, here's a compilation of the best lessons Vinnie, Eric, Drama, Turtle and Ari taught all of us about what it means to be best buds.

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1. Everyone brings something to the table

Vinnie is the star, Drama cooks, Turtle drives, E manages, and Ari gets the movie deals. Everybody wins! Every group has the smart one who teaches you bio when you just don't get it, the baker who always seems to have cookies in her room, and the fun one who is always down to go out when you're feeling spontaneous.

2. Every group of friends needs someone who will call them out when they're being shady

The token brutally honest one is a necessary staple in any group of friends. They'll say what everyone else is thinking and will probably serve as a good reminder to you that you shouldn't do anything you don't want all of your best friends to know about.

3. The right friends will celebrate your success instead of trying to one-up it

There will be times when your friend aces the test that you bombed or you get the position your friend was also hoping for. As Ari Gold goes to show, your friend's success should be cause for the whole group's celebration.

4. Having a friend with a car is infinitely valuable

You're not *using* them per se, but a last minute ride to Walgreens or a trip to brunch without having to plan and pay for a cab is heaven when you don't have your own car.

5. There are always going to be cliques within the group

Although the word "clique" has a bad reputation, smaller bonds within the group shouldn't be stressed over too much. It's natural to not be equally close with 5 or more people, and sometimes you need to grab brunch without waiting for a 6 person table at Half and Half to be available.

6. Study sessions with your friends will never work

Eric and Vinnie might make the whole friend and manager thing work most of the time, but they've had their fair share of issues with the whole arrangement. Likewise, while quick tutor sessions with your mathematically gifted friend might work to catch you up on the calc class you missed, big study groups for that midterm in the class you all take never go well. You end up watching videos and collectively complaining about how unprepared you are without every flipping a page of the textbook.

7. You will give out a lot of advice on topics you have absolutely no knowledge about

You're the only one without a boyfriend and yet everyone comes to you for relationship advice... You always try your best to give a legitimate and moderately helpful answer but how are you supposed to know what she should do?

8. And finally, there's simply no time for drama when you're trying to juggle college and being a functional human being

Reminding yourself to be passive aggressive to the friend that who threw shade at you during your psych lecture is just too much to keep track of. Between exams, classes, remembering to call your parents once every three months and maybe doing your laundry, ain't nobody got time for that!

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